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  1. No, thank YOU brotha! Glad to be here!
  2. Ummm... Not that it's any of my business or that anyone cares, but I'm surprised no one else pointed this out. Isn't it a bit obvious that the reason that the plants grown in soil are smaller is merely because the size of the containers the plants grown in soil are in are much smaller than the plant grown in the hempy bucket? It appears to me that the plants grown in soil were grown in dinky little 2.5 or 3 gallon pots while the hempy bucket is a 5 gallon bucket... Look at those itty bitty white pots compared to that big bucket man... lol Seems to me, an extremely unfair advantage if y
  3. This is sad, pathetic and worst of all destroys entire lives that could have been, if left uninfiltrated by law enforcement, a very peaceful, happy and productive one. This poor kid wasn't informed of what would happen if he turned his parents in. Now he'll probably grow up either hating his parents for the rest of his life, or hating law enforcement for the rest of his life. Either way it disrupts lives and skews the line between love and responsibility... These sick bastarrds are pathetic and useless, with thier drug resistence programs and fear mongering. Makes my blood boil man
  4. That's precisely what all this actually is... They are affraid to lose status quo. The justice system benefits from Cannabis prohibition too much to even consider changing anything. The question is, who sees these benefits and why? It sure isn't the American people...
  5. LOL, Love the music!! Beautiful gals you have there. Keep up the good work brotha!
  6. Drug policy should be based on science, not ideology. Between now and 2012 it's up to you and your friends, communities, governments, newspapers, to advocate for evidence based drug policy and strengthen the call for policies driven by evidence. Join the movement to end the failed war on drugs, sign the declaration and share it with your networks today. The Vienna Declaration is a statement seeking to improve community health and safety by calling for the incorporation of scientific evidence into illicit drug policies. We are inviting scientists, health practitioners
  7. The Mainstream Media’s Promoting Marijuana Myth Makers and Prohibition Junkies By: Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director The longtime government supporters of Cannabis Prohibition are very nervous about the upcoming binding ballot initiative in California which appears on track to be approved by millions of state voters. There is much evidence for this assertion: A few weeks ago the Los Angeles Times published a so-called unprecedented ‘jointly’ signed letter by all of the former drug czars (aka, Directors of the Office of Drug Control Policy) crowing against cannabis and the
  8. New Report: U.S. Government Data Demonstrates Failure of Cannabis Prohibition By: The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) October 7, 2010 [Vancouver, Canada] – The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) today released a new research report that demonstrates the clear failure of U.S. marijuana prohibition and supports calls for evidence-based models to legalize and regulate the use of cannabis. The British Medical Journal, one of the world’s most influential medical journals, published a supportive commentary to coincide with the report’s release t
  9. The very first thing you should do is purchase some pH 7.0 calibration solution and test the pH readout on it. Those types of meters are never accurate at all. I've tried the RapiTest versions and can honestly say they are absolute garbage. I bought one just to test it out. I have pH 4.0 calibration solution and pH 7.0 calibration solution. Upon testing it in both solutions the readings were WAY off. In the 4.0 solution the meter was reading 6.9. In the 7.0 solution the meter was reading somewhere around 9. I would be just as skeptical about this one as well. You get what you pay f
  10. lol Yes, Vote for Dave Leyton!! He's the man for the job!
  11. Ok I want to butt in here for a minute... (Sorry BG...) First and foremost, I'll reiterate, thank you very much for sharing what little information you have shared with the community. It's always nice to have someone willing to share thier methods with others. On the other hand though, you seem to be attempting to market your knowledge and/or cultivation method/s... That's not too popular around here. After careful review of your images I have came to the well observed conclusion that I see nothing out of the ordinary in your garden. Although your plants are indeed healthy and thri
  12. Oh absolutely, without a doubt. But there are so many variables in that type of equation that it only complicates things trying to imagine why you would have a situation like that... Now there's an idea for a valiant project! I'll be the affects tester and I'll catalog all the information, you run the mass-chromatography machine, ok? lol
  13. Even if the Bubba Kush had a higher trichome count than the Nevilles Haze, the higher THC content within the trichomes of the Nevilles Haze plant is going to produce a more pronounced and noticeable affect. With a higher THC content within the trichomes, it would require less trichomes to notice the affects. It depends on so much more than just the THC content though. That's my point. It boils down to personal preference really and what each individual prefers as far as THC, CBD, CBG and CBN content and the affects each different combonation could produce. With so many different strains pr
  14. Also, check this out - http://greenhouseseeds.nl/shop/green-house-thc-photos.html The BEST trichome photos you will EVER set eyes on. I guarantee it.
  15. Lets get hypothetical for a minute... Look at it this way - A trichome on a Bubba Kush plant contains 13% THC content based on a GC readout of one trichome. A trichome on a Nevilles Haze plant contains 20% THC content based on a GC readout of one trichome. Take multiple samples. Run multiple tests. Find a mean. Determine the average. You could now scientifically say that the Nevilles Haze clearly has more THC content than the Bubba Kush simply by the content of the trichomes themselves. But here's the deal. Potency itsself, as a word, is difficult to credit all the eff
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