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  1. I'm a caregiver in the livonia area looking to fill one last spot if you are in need of a reliable CG pm me and we can go from there.. thanks DR.GT
  2. caregiver in the livonia area looking for 2 more patients.dont not message me asking how much free medz you get and dont ask me silly ?.. looking for real patients NOT drug dealers trying to get cheap medz i have been doing this since day one and want to help people that truly need help ...
  3. Conracts are a must these Days in the begining i didn't think they were nessasary but after catching 3 patients doing shaddy stuff i make them manditory now....
  4. nevada told me they will honor a valid michigan medical marijuana card... i called 3 differant police departments and got the same answers for all 3...
  5. What's up mmma Freinds so i just got of the phone with DTW air port and The las vegas police Department And i have to say i'm very very Proud of the responsee i got from both state police...DTW told me aslong as i have a valid card and it's within the aloud limit they will let me fly...BUT they said it needs to be packaged correctly??? What dose that mean she said there is a specific way in the law it needs to be labled and packaged... i have never seen that any were can i get some input how should it be packaged? Also Las vega LEO told me as long as i have a valid marijuana card and im wi
  6. thata what ive been hearing alway ran 7.0 but last couple weeks been trying to keep little lowwer...its promix /lite warrior/perlite ....
  7. wanted to give an update my mom is back and looking great the one thing i did was flushed her out twice a week for 2 weeks and after a while she's coming back strong one thing i did notice was the stawk / stems were light brown almost looked like chopsticks so idk if that is a clue as to what was going on cause i really didn't find anything out of the oranary except the yellowing / lite browning that branches got ... but she doing good and will be going into flower very soon thanks again mmma brothers...
  8. yea my tincure look 5 times darker than that....im definetly goona get a britta and try filtering what i have now and see if that helps...... thanks again wild bill
  9. Awsome thanks for the input i will wash the medz first hopefully that helps cause man that tast is nasty..... thanks alot
  10. so im on my 4th batch of tincure and i tried my mix that i let sit for aprox 30 days then filtered and cooked at 185degress ... i tried it yesterday with a fellow patient and the tast was horrible ... i mean to the point were i was wondering if i did something wrong... So my ? is dose tincure alway taste like death? i used 100% grain liquor. and 2oz of top notch buds... i'am i missing something or is it normal to tast nasty.. and what is a good dose to start with i did 2 tsp and seem to get a good body buzz but nothing crazy... what is some input from my mmma partners!!!! Thanks DR
  11. anonymousgrower? Awsome post.... so ive been using molassis now for aprox 2 harvests and have to say the results are remarkable nug's are fatter and deinser and allaround plants are doing great don't seem to be haveing any issues with plant besides yellowing leaves mid bloom but i beleav that a completly differant problem im working on that one next ...BUT FOR SURE WILL NEVER GO WITHOUT HIBRIX'S EVER AGAIN..... THANKS EVERYONE... DR.GT
  12. Couldn't of said it better myself ......
  13. i just recived my patients LETTER of approval yesterday check was cashed on 1-6-12 same with wife renewal.. paper work sent in 12-11 got letter end of last month... But it deff is differant for new apps cause i have 1 new app that been in since 9-11 and still no letter or anything....GO MI
  14. GO RED WINGS!!!!! 21

  15. thanks for the good info yall!!!!!!
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