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  1. Looking for educated opinions- When I switch from veg (t5's) to flower (HPS) there is often a day or two of slight (or if the plant is extra large- more than slight) wilting. As soon as I move them I usually do some pruning (as well as cloning). The question is - should I stress the plants more by pruning it during the transition (when it may be a little wilted) or wait until they recover from the stress of being moved then stress them again by pruning. Another way to look at it- do I stress them to a greater degree (transition and pruning) for a short period of time or subject them to a lesser degree of stress (transition then pruning) for a longer period? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  2. Malamute- thanks for keeping us updated today and for all your work on our behalf every day! Thanks also to the other folks who put in so much time and effort-because of all of you blazing the way we are making headway-even if things don't go the way we hope today!!
  3. It is AK 47- all others (including the plant I cloned from) have been normal.
  4. My 7 week clones are looking pretty good expect that most of the leaves have only 3 lobes instead of the usual 5 or 7. They were rooted in an ez cloner and then placed in hyroton in a recirculating drip system under 18/ 6 lights. I have used this set up for a couple of years - this is the first time I've seen this. The plants that I took the clones from have normal leaves. Stress of some kind? Just to review / confirm -- what reservoir temp is ideal? room temp? proper pH range for vegging in hydro. Thanks for always being there with answers!!
  5. Ok -so maybe just copies of the back of the caregiver cards(no patient names) in the folder? Just want to protect my patients if possible....
  6. I've been updating our "by the back door" folder (all the info LEO would need to verify our compliance) and wanted to confirm that all I really need to supply an officer is the MMMP registry number of our patients. It would actually violate HIPPA (or is it HIPA) regulations to ask for or give out their names. Is that correct? I've not had or anticipate any "visits" but I'm more comfortable if I am over prepared instead of under!! Thanks again in advance.
  7. Good morning, During veg, we have been using suncovers (black and white plastic sheets with a hole for the stem) on top of hydroton to prevent any light reaching the roots of our seedlings or clones. We are concerned about the suncovers creating great conditions for damping off or other humidity related problems on the young plant's stems. We veg under fluorescent lights and have a drip system set up for watering. Are the sun covers really necessary? Will the plants roots be compromised somehow if some light gets to them through the hydroton? We know that light may encourage algae/slime growth but are not too worried about that (we clean obsessively and can take care of that) just asking about the how the roots may react to some light reaching them. Thanks in advance for any help- we've learned so much from all of you!!!
  8. What risks are a property owners taking if they rent to a person growing medical marijuana? What if they are unaware of the grow and there is a problem re: MI property forfeiture law?
  9. I am an experienced caregiver and am able to take on 2 additional patients. I am looking for advice from other caregivers- how did you find your patients? I am in the UP and know that we face special challenges because of the relatively scarce overall population but there must be a way to reach people in need. l have posted here and found 1 patient and have had a great experience with her. I attend our "local"compassion club and have gotten on their list of available caregivers. As I have gained experience growing my yield has increased (plant count has remained constant), and my current patients needs have decreased (they are healthier!) almost to the point that I will have to reduce the number of plants I have in order to stay compliant- which is what I am planning on doing unless I find another patient or 2. I do ask for a donation for my meds - is that my problem with finding patients? I am generous with weights and am willing to help out in a pinch but want patients who recognize that growing (growing correctly anyway) is an investment (both financially, in time and risk tolerance) and that my service is of value to them. Is there really a lack of need up here or am I just not going about making connections in the tight way? I have considered putting an add in local newspapers but have hesitated for obvious safety reasons. Has anyone done this? I am in the Iron River area but drive almost an hour each way to meet with my current patients and am willing to help out someone new in the same fashion. Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. I have extremely clean, high quality medicine available for a fair donation. Please PM me if you are looking for a reliable caregiver. If you are not in the immediate area I am willing to drive/meet you if necessary.
  11. Are you still looking for meds? I am a caregiver in the UP looking for a patient, however I am in the Iron River area. I do get to Iron Mountain monthly or can drive to meet you half way if you are able. PM with your needs if you are interested.
  12. We supply only high quality and exceptionally clean medicine in exchange for a fair donation. PM me for more details- please include what you are looking for (medical needs and monthly quantity required) in your PM.
  13. Is it a good idea for overall root health and functioning to use Sledgehammer a couple times during the bloom cycle (besides during flushing) for optimum nutrient uptake? Sledgehammer vs Flora Kleen for root heath and/or flushing- any thoughts? We are growing in DWC with General Hydroponic nutrients. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  14. One of my patients wants to try growing his own medicine. He would like to be a caregiver for a couple of patients and grow in his own facility while remaining a patient of mine. He would stay within the appropiate plant limits (based only on the patients that he has), and follow all other regulations. His goal is to have medicine available while he is setting up his grow and as insurance against any problems/learning curve he might have. This seems to me to be within the letter of the law but I am not confident in that opinion. Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions! C
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