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  1. Friggin hilarious and right on target. Well done!!
  2. Terrapin Flyer

    Beautiful Fall Pic

    Took this the other day after taking care of some chores. See if you can find "waldo" in this pic.
  3. When it comes to the "evil weed" they are not your friends, although they may pretend to be.
  4. Terrapin Flyer

    Need Geek Squad Type House Call

    Are you taken to random sites from searches? If so, then this sounds like some malware I whacked out of a friends PC a few months back. If it is what I think it is, it's a "rootkit" type infection. Nasty piece of work, but you shouldn't need to start from scratch to kill it.
  5. Terrapin Flyer

    An Army Sent After One Person

    I have to agree. A friend of mine saw most of this incident go down. He said basically the same thing - they went in armed for a conflict of much greater extent than what they were facing. Also, the statements by police don't quite match what was stated on the scanner during the occurrence (damage control). Lastly, if this was such a serious threat, then why did they not evac all the houses along the Bear River (my friend lives in one of them)? They locked down the schools (one was 2+ miles away), but they did next to nothing to warn nearby residents. If this had been a violent, dangerous criminal, they would have thought nothing about invading one of the nearby homes, or hiding in sheds or garages. No, as usual the keystone cops in Petoskey overreacted, and did so poorly.
  6. Terrapin Flyer


    My head just rolled into some of the van survelliance scene's from Cheech & Chong movies.....
  7. Terrapin Flyer

    Meeting Other Mmma Folks

    Me Likey - Small Long Time
  8. Reverse Sting - Charges Dropped! "Former Texas narcotics officer Barry Cooper, who turned against the Drug War and pulled a reverse sting operation against the Odessa Police Department, will walk on all charges related to the incident, an attorney for Ector County announced Tuesday. Cooper, well known for his Never Get Busted DVDs, set up a fake marijuana grow house in Odessa, wired it for sound and video, and then used an anonymous letter to lure police into a December 2008 raid, reports Stephen C. Webster at The Raw Story. The letter was delivered to a local church, which then turned it over to police. Not long after that, the door came crashing in as gung-ho officers came bursting through." Hit the link to read the rest of the story
  9. I had the opportunity to sit down with boroboro last night to discuss a wide variety of topics. I found him to be knowledgeable, caring, honest and we shared some good laughs. It's always enjoyable when you get to meet people in the flesh that you've only traded keystrokes with. If an opportunity presents itself to meet somebody from this forum, I highly recommend you do so....esp if they live nearby. Pleased to make your acquaintance boroboro. My door's always open, you're welcome at our table, and if you need anything, don't hesitate to give me a holler neighbor! I'm burning those DVD's for you this weekend. Soon your Dead library will grow by leaps & bounds! Who have you met recently one-on-one?
  10. Yea, I hated posting that link, but it gave a good description of the club. Typical TC Wretched Bird article....they gotta stir the bunny muffin. I too was trying not to compare, just provide info.
  11. Just got the call I was waiting for. Here's the answers.... Traverse City Compassion Club Mondays 7pm - 1st Monday at the TC Public Library - All other Mondays at Crema on Front St A typical CC from what I understand Grand Traverse Compassionate Connection Wednesdays 7pm 207 W. Grandview Parkway This Article mentions what they're about
  12. Mike Thue is the head of the Traverse City Compassion Connection. You could do a search for it and see if some of his info pops up. I also know another person connected with it. I'll make a couple calls and see what I can find out about meetings.
  13. Terrapin Flyer

    Pain Pill Reductions With Mmj

    Nope, not a car accident. I fell this past winter and landed badly. I'm determined to get back as close to normal as I can, although I recognize that this may be a part of me til I leave this planet. Thanks for the kudos. I really appreciate them.
  14. Terrapin Flyer

    We Need Meds Up Here!

    I know the Traverse City CC is in need. I can put you in touch if you can help.
  15. Terrapin Flyer

    We Need Meds Up Here!

    finallyfree09 & petoskeystoned are on the mark. I'm finding meds, but not where & how I prefer to meet my needs. Plz see this thread, maybe I can help as well.