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  1. Hi to All, I have been a caregiver for the entire time since law has taken affect. It protects both the patient and caregiver. It gives specifics about the Caregiver/Patient relationship and what one expects from the other. I always am open to do add in's or write in's for my patients. Both my patients and myself feel better with the contract. Its professional, clear, concise, and speaks to the professionalism that we should put forth as caregivers. Thanks, lilbuddy
  2. Hi To All Again, Thank you for all your kind advice and caring. I am in in the process of following this stuff up. It really hit me hard yesterday! Thank you all again, lil buddy
  3. Hi to All, Got some pretty shi**y news today. Ive never smoked cigarettes in my life. I smoked cannibis from age 16-18. Both my parents were heavy cigarette smokers, both dying from lung cancer, (my mothers had spread all over, my dads metastisized to the brain). I did not resume smoking cannibis until 2011. I smoke less than half a fattie a day. Then i got so tired of the taste I bought a volcano vape ( I also thought it would be healthier given my family history). So I went to the doctors today for a followup from x rays they took, as well as some labs. Come to find out I have been told I have stage 2 emphasema. Does anyone have any information regarding the harmfulness of vaporizers? How the Fu*k did I wind up with this? No one in our home smokes and Ive smoked a total of maybe 4 years on and off, never heavy, and only cannibis. If anyone can help answer these questions or even give me direction, im a bit stressed right now and am pissed that this is happening im only 52! Thanks for your time, lilbuddy
  4. Hi to All, Wanted to let you know we are here to represent the cause. My wife and I are both medical professionals also licensed in Mich. We are both patients and caregivers. We have all our patients writing testimonials for our day. I have a request for two three minute time slots. One for my first patients surviving Mother who has spoken to Legislators many times (Her son (my former patient) passed two years ago from Cancer), but Medical Cannibis kept him mostly pain free, and it helped him gain and maintain weight until he was well in to end stages. The second would be myself or my wife both who have had experience public speaking. We will submit drafts for approval, make sure they meet the time criteria, and look forward to seeing you all there. Can someone on staff send me a PM so I can forward drafts for approval. Looking forward to seeing you all there. P.S. I am ending my 3 minutes by holding up my plane ticket for the Washington Veterans March for Medical Cannibis and announcing I am also proudly a Disabled Veteran and will be attending that event as well! You want passion? Hold on to your hats folks. you will be surprised what an be said in three minutes! Thanks to all of you, lilbuddy
  5. Hey all, wanted to share with you a positive letter i got from Jeff Erwin State Rep.Ive received 4 responses since I started sending letters two good two bad 50 Percent not bad! We need to hammer this home. Come on you guys support your beleifs and cause. The letters have been working lets keep em rollin, no pun intended, LOL! QUOTE: Thank you for your message concerning recent attempts to weaken the Medical Marijuana Act. I share many of your concerns. I strongly support the Medical Marijuana Act, and I think we should be working to strengthen the law rather than weaken it. The Act was written to ensure that everyone who is both qualified and medically in need of a prescription can use marijuana. It is important for us to make sure that the Act does not exclude any who are truly in need. Those who are using or growing medical marijuana in full compliance with the Act should be protected, and their right to privacy should be maintained. Judges and officials ought to recognize those provisions of the law which allow citizens to grow or use medical marijuana. Medical marijuana users are certainly not a "danger to society," they are simply seeking effective treatment, and they should not be punished or denied that opportunity. Once again, thank you for your concern about these issues. I will keep your thoughts in mind for future legislation. The Act has been effective thus far, and there is no reason to hinder patients' full and free access to medical marijuana treatment if that treatment is truly necessary. Representative Jeff Irwin53rd DistrictState of Michigan 517-373-2577http://053.housedems.comJeffIrwin@house.mi.gov Sign up for my free e-newsletter at http://053.housedems.com
  6. Hey Daily Toker, I am a big DIY person. Can you head me to links to make my own vape? Thanks, lilbuddy
  7. Hi All, I did read the forum that said edibles, medibles but could not find a better place for this question (sorry). I have been looking at Iolite, and Vapir, I want something small portable and easily cleanable. Does Iolite only use their brand of butane? how have any of you liked these products would like some feedback. Sorry Diz, I have tried medibles and I just cant seem to get the desired effect!! Thanks to all in advance for your reply, lilbuddy
  8. THANK YOU TO ALL, Last night I went to chat for the first time ever. I had an emergency extraction of a tooth that was infected, abcessed, and involved four other teeth. Many of you fired out as many ideas to help me. I tried many and none seemed to work except smoking. Does anyone have a simple butt kicking pain releif tea that I can use today, as I am still not out of woods yet? I am afraid to smoke cause of possibly getting a dry socket. To those of you who can help, Thank you in advance. lilbuddy
  9. hey bud Im gona type my letter from camp tomorrow it will blow your cookies. He is also in charge of the house and means commitee.
  10. Hi Dr. Bob, Do you want just numbers, or do you want simple bar graphs or something on Excel or minitab? Thanks in advance for your reply, lilbuddy
  11. This is not directly pertainent to sb377. Some of our members continue to write inaccurate responses about Dr. Buck. Those of you who are making comments about her are way off base. None of her patients who were certified through her have had their card refused or rejected unless they failed to meet the requirements of the Act. Its rumors like this that make us look uninformed and about what we comment about. lilbuddy
  12. Hey Brad, I just went to Energy and Commerce and saw there were 53 members assigned to that floor. Do you think we should write/e-mail all53? Thanks, lilbuddy
  13. Hey Brad, The link on rescheduling Cannibis is a major eye opener!!! We knew of the Old Mississippi Pot Farm for 30 years or more. I never though they were just growing it for ornamental use. I knew they were researching it but all those listings are kind of in support of what all of us know are benefits of Cannibis. If you reread HR-183, it states that Cannibis will be rescheduled to something [b]other[/b] than a I or II on the Controlled list. Hopefully this will still allow us as caregivers and patients to produce our own medicine. I have seen some breif stories on the news but don't know any specifics for dates or channels of broadcast so if anyone else knows please put it out here. It was basically a blip that "private entities are in search of Large Marijuana Grow operations for potential business opportunities". Sounds like Big Pharma on a fishing expedition to look for someone to produce Meds for them. Personally, if Big Pharma steps in, I will still grow my own medicine as we really will never know what conditions they grow in or what kind of chemicals or nutes and ferts are used. They may have additives that are very harmful if ingested, not like thats anything new to them with all their pills!!!! God, I pray thats not what is going to happen. Thanks for all the links and your diggin up the info, lilbuddy
  14. HiEveryone, here is the Link for Congressman Dave Camp of District 14. Tri- Cities + 14 surrounding counties. When you click on the write Dave or the Contact us button you will need to know you 4 digit suffix for your zip code. Write soon next session is in a month. My link Thanks, lilbuddy
  15. Thanks PB, The second links I posted work. lilbuddy
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