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    caring is sharing

    Here are some pictures of my last cycle!! Fun!
  2. I have heard about this program where they (state senator? ) are pushing these bills through to give us things we want like CG2CG transfers and laws for allowing dispensaries and laws for allowing extracts then finally a bill for the installation and regulation of pharmaceutical grade mmj to be sold by pharmacies.... once the pharmaceutical system is up and running they're going to pull the home grown/dispensaries carpet right out from under us... taking the money and control and freedom back out of the peoples hands.... the pharmaceutical companies want back the money they're losing to p
  3. yeah i just had a raid conducted on my house and a narcotics detective took my 24 cuttings in rockwool plugs that had zero rooting not even bumps and said that they counted as plants because they have a leaf structure.... before then i though they needed roots to be considered plants... i was wrong.
  4. kenzie1051

    Frosty Colas.JPG

    Relax. No need to die. PM me and tell me what your system is like. I will explain how it's done.
  5. kenzie1051


    Some close to harvest shots, hanging shots, and medicine ready to go.
  6. kenzie1051


    Some recent photo's of things going well in my care garden.
  7. kenzie1051

    Serious Frost.JPG

    The strain is Nebula.
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