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  1. Hello all, My patient was complaining the other day that the MMJ I grew for him didn't taste the way it smelled once he smoked it. Now, I am still fairly new to this and I was unsure whether or not I am doing something wrong during the cultivation process. He said it still helped his pain symptoms, so I am not THAT worried All feedback is appreciated. Thanks. xxSesimeseedxx
  2. our government wants to cure us of "drug abuse" by getting us addicted to their drugs....this stuff makes me want to chose the f**k out of someone.....litterally. smh
  3. Not sure what the K.I.S.S. rule is? Keep it simple ****?
  4. Hello all. I hope i am posting this in the correct category. Does anyone have any experience growing with spinner growers? A friend of mine swears up and down that they are great, but he is the only one i know that uses one for his meds. All answers and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sesimeseed
  5. its extremely ridiculous that alcohol is clearly the most harmful drug and it is still legal over MJ. Its even MORE ridiculous that MJ is number 8....especially over Ketamine, X, and LSD.....smh.
  6. Thought some, or maybe even all of you would like to watch this. Enjoy! http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=6479
  7. Does anyone know the answer to this? Does distilling help balance PH? Thanks for all the answer everyone!
  8. Hi Everyone. I recently purchased a home in which the water source is from a well. Im not sure yet which nutrients its rich in and which it lacks. Are there ways to treat well water to make it safe for growing my meds? Thanks in advance.
  9. You have a right to kill yourself, NOT OTHERS. Smoke your cancer sticks outside, and if its too cold, DONT SMOKE!
  10. lol. well i've never grown before so i had to ask the questions. I can now laugh at my friend that thinks they can take on eachothers traits. Thanks for the feedback people, it is always appreciated!
  11. Is it 100% safe to grow different strains in the same room? I have 2 friends that are CG's. One swears up and down that if you grow multiple strains in the same grow room, they can take on the traits of eachother. My other friend claims they wont effect eachother. Your thoughts please.
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