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  1. Hey guys, looking for some clones in the next two weeks.. i just received my receipt a week ago and should be totally legal in 2 more weeks.. I am looking for good strains.. and would like to see samples.. I am looking for a few specific strains but will consider others... White Rhino Northern Lights Herijuana.... i am a HUGE fan of it... Blue dream Trainwreck and any of the Dr. greenthumb line ups.. especially the iranian auto...
  2. Hey guys, i am looking for some clones.. looking for about 5 or 6 clones.. I LOVE indicas, but do want a sativa for the social high. I am very interested in Dr. Greenthumbs lineup, especially the iranian auto.. other strains im looking for: white rhino blue dream OG kush Northern Lights Green Crack I will consider others.. PM me, or just respond to this. I will see your post sooner if you pm or email me at tsanchez9980@mail.kvcc.edu.. I'll be looking to meet next weekend.
  3. I too live in kzoo.. off of Howard street.. i will take your plants also....
  4. Cool guys, that makes me feel good! going to get all of my doctor records and make an appointment this week. Oh and also, how long after i get approved can i actually consume marijuana? Is it immediate? or is there a grace period i have to wait
  5. Hey guys, one year ago i separated my shoulder in lacrosse and was told that it would be a 6 month healing process. However the shoulder is clearly not healed. You can see my bone sticking out of my shoulder, and there is mild pain with every movement. I do have 3 doctor visits, should i have any problems qualifying for my card? Also, are there any doctors office to recommend around in oakland county? Thanks for your time!
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