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  1. feds showed up here this past spring said someone called long scary story short we talked they did not have warrant I argued with them whole time they were pros didn't act like dics said if I was legal I should let them in if I had 300 plants or 100 pounds call a lawyer said they were not leaving till they seen it these are not local leos they can make a call a get a fed warrant quick so after hour of talking I let them in they were in there for 5 mins walked out shook my hand said sorry just doing there job I asked them when they coming back they said never DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR I really didn't believe that couldn't sleep for months been even scared to post this I don't have a small grow so this wasn't them not caring cause it was small.I know what would have happen if I didn't let them in so anyone that wants to talk shitttt about me letting them in isn't that smart they would have fuced with me till I quit so when they come to your house and I think they will we are on a list to this day I really don't think anyone called they are just driving by are house and watching if it looks like you got a big set up they gonna knock so have your stuff in order sorry for holding out on you guys its just benn stressful THEY ARE WATCHING DONT DOUBT THAT FOR A SEC
  2. wife is a RN she gets same state screening has card no prob dont worry
  3. my 4 weeks veg time is a little misleading cause after they get good roots i leave them in cloner for a week with 25% nutes so i guess 5 weeks one in cloner a 4 in the veg table in 7 gallon grow bags that one week in cloner extra is huge they grow so fast kinda like areo or deep water i think my the reason i get such big # on a plant is the heat get those complaints hot as long they just have plenty of fresh air and co2 for first 6 weeks and not that bottle co2 its a joke compared to what a burner does it gets really hot where mj is native to hopefully one day we can all post pics and feel safe cant wait for that day brohams
  4. top and fimm them both holygrail will get huge good smell good taste but not the holygrail.kosher is tall and lanky just like all dna ogs not as big as holy grail but packs on good wieght has a great taste .order the skywalker kush next time its bomb its lanky and tall again like all there og but dosent take up as much room as others got a diff taste then just og and the buds always weigh up its my patients fav not all plants grow better when top in fimmed some get more bud sights but the bud isnt as hard but i know all these i have name respond very well to these methods let them go 9 weeks .o and they like hot temps the first 6 weeks like high 80s if you got the right gear to do it co2 ,fresh air ect. must my dna ogs get around 10 oz dried with 4 weeks veg time good luck homie
  5. In my eyes there is a list leo goes by 1st is dispensaries 2nd people how PEOPLE WHO GROW OUTSIDE in there face laughing at them 3rd people who have massive grows 4th if there is any money and time left is young kids growing and acting stupid about it .The true ? is where on list do you wanna be. I know its law but they will drag your donkey though the mud till you are broke
  6. letting a plant use stored sugars at the end is deff key to great meds
  7. I dont charge 300 but if i did i dont think i would be making 150k some people think we just throw plants under lights come back in 8 weeks and there are buckets of money sitting where the plants are if your caregiver wants to charge you 300 to grow your meds i dont think that is out of line at all if you dont like you go buy 6 grand worth of equitment and spend 40 hrs a week growing your own patients meds and buy the way 50 x 300 is 15,000 and for 3 months of work that isnt getting rich.ps i only charge my patients 0-150
  8. just dril out the rivots fill it back up and screw back on with self tap screws very very simple carbon isnt that cheap though
  9. hot shots strips deff work but i once i starting using them in veg my clones starting looking pretty bad took them out and clones look great again use a insect soap like safer once a week even if you dont have bugs and you wont see them again
  10. Just cause you dont have pior med records dont mean you are commiting a crime last time i heard more than half the state dont even have health insurance so how can they even afford a pior med record. Also why do we have to prove that we are in pain to leo when i can go to my doctor and he will give me narcotics no question asked anybody should be able to use cannabis as meds.
  11. i have all 1000s besides one 600 i got cheap and the buds under the 600 are a joke compared to 1000 watt buds just my 2 cents
  12. grow good meds and they will come
  13. I might be looking for something like this to do send me a message and we can talk .I have some pics in gallery under 450s pics you could check out.
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