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I'm a survivor of a work related accident in 1995 just before my first son was born. Ive had back problems for 15 years after with no help from the doctors. when i had insurance the doctors found the problem. 2 fist size tumors in my back, one on my hip, and a broken rib poking into my stomach. 15 years they said i was lying and just wanted to smoke pot the only relief i had. i don't think i would be alive today with out weed. When i got SSI I had to have 4 hard core surgery's and had to wear around a machine that suck the blood off my wounds for 3 months and now have big scars inside my body that rub along my spine. Ive been put in jail for it, look down on by most i meet where i live, but i dont think i would have made it with out the buds. i live today in fear of them locking me up every day i'm trapped in Wisconsin fighting for my chance to join u in true freedom in a state with sanity and compassion. I don't have much money but im getting real close to being able to move my family to a state that will stop hating me for how i heal.

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