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  1. Anyone out there looking for a patient? We're recently retired/unemployed and finding the local dispensaries are getting way too much of our monthly budget these days. After a couple bad experiences with caregivers at the beginning of medical legalization 10 or so years ago, we gave up on the idea and just started using farmer's markets (remember those?? sigh...still miss 'em) and the storefronts, even though quality is so variable at most places. In addition, as life long users, our resistance is now such that only top shelf flower really works well any more. Ka-ching! Ouch! Please DM me to discuss details of what you can offer in the way of pricing, strains, etc. Heavy Indica's for pain and sleep and a more balanced hybrid for daytime use are our needs in medical. An ounce or so of each type per month is our usual use. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello All, A crazy donkey system indeed. Husband mailed renewal app 9/3. He finally called about his not receiving a hard card last Friday. They called back 2 hrs later , apologized and said he would receive it within 5 business days. His "approval letter" arrived yesterday, not his card. First card took 4 mths. to arrive. 5 months after mailing renewal app, all he has is this piece of paper. When will the madness stop?
  3. Good morning to all! As some of you know, I have a brother who has cancer. Unfortunately, his lymphoma has ramped up from a slow moving one to a much more aggressive form recently. He was referred to a Henry Ford facility in downtown Detroit for some big time chemo that he has to be an in-patient for 4 days, as they start to administer the poison that is supposed to kick the cancer's butt. He has been going through a boat load of meetings and discussions with the cancer team in preparation for starting the new treatment. The PA (physician's assistant) assigned to his case was taking an extensive medical history and inquired about any "street drug" use. He said he "smoked marijuana occasionally". the PA raised his eyebrows and said "You know that marijuana causes lymphoma.." I asked my brother to ask him where the evidence based research was on that, but I know he won't. Bro just feels it's the usual Henry Ford policy of staying far away from any medical certifications, as his friend who's been fighting glioma (brain cancer) for several years asked his HFHS doc for certification and was turned down flat, being told " We don't get involved in that here". Not wishing to be involved is one thing, but outright lies to a patient who is sure to be very ill with the side effects of a very strong chemo is another. Criminal, in my opinion. I did a little research of my own, I know a little about using Pub Med and other sites for finding well designed studies. Nothing came up with any clear association between the two. Also stumbled on this: My link Just wish I could get bro-and his long time high school buddy with the glioma- to try the Simpson Oil for a couple months and see what happens.... Returning from lurking, and still feeling so angry with the HFHS today, 3 days after having that conversation with my brother.
  4. Mezz, I certainly agree! The hordes are going to be beating down the doors to get into Michigan some day, this is a resource that is going to be very, very valuable in the years ahead! Combine that with the fact that we have comparatively few natural disasters here (not much in the way of forest fires, mudslides, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and even tornadoes are not very common) and this could be mecca... well, assuming the MMM act stays intact! Am sending more of those letters to the legislators this morning so common sense and compassion will prevail....
  5. BTW, you may want to have people contact you via private message though this site, rather put your personal info out there for everyone to see. My husband "raisen" on this site is a card carrying pt. and Strawberry Cough is a favorite strain of his. What is your donation for 7 grams?

    We live in Washtenaw, too.

  6. Oh, trust me, we certainly are. Thanks for the great morning brightener! The wit, the morphed pics, the general feeling of fun and love for our family here has shown itself fully. I appreciate all who participated! And just think, Jim, it was because of you we got to feel lighter, happier and more joyous as we head into those much -cherished longer days of light. BTW, I, too have a mild version of SAD- figured it out when we lived in the Northwest for a year. Bought a "lightbox" AKA therapy light that I've used every day since then from Nov.- early April. It helps a great deal, only requires 30" day. And guess what? No side effects, like the SSRI meds (Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, etc) do. Well worth the $300 or so. Peace, love- and light- to all.
  7. yep, you were missed. welcome back! (still laughing at the mimmom thingy too!)
  8. I know from your profile that this doesn't apply to you, but for the women in the forums that may be following these threads- there is some research out there that says women are at higher risk for having a dry socket after an extraction if they have a tooth removed while they are on their menstrual cycle. Just another thing to be cautious of if you have any control at all over when you have to have an extraction. Good luck for a pain- free and quick visit to the oral surgeon's with an uneventful recovery. As everyone has said just follow the post operative instructions and you should be fine. I've had all four of my wisdom teeth removed-and lost another molar a couple years back-with no problems at all. Keep in mind they do lots of extractions all day long. They will probably spend more time getting you numb than actually removing the tooth!
  9. It is the suction created when drawing in on cigs or medicine- or drinking through a straw- that interferes with proper clot formation. Spitting, sneezing with your mouth closed or blowing your nose hard, or blowing up balloons can also dislodge the clot. I have not heard anything about the heat of the smoke creating the problem per se. I've never had a dry socket, but have heard many reports from patients over the years about how painful having a dry socket is. You really don't want to take any chances on creating one of those by doing anything to prevent the clot from forming in that first 48 hours afterwards! I would suggest tinctures or medibles instead as better choices for post op pain.
  10. Thanks for this one! BTW, love your signature line, too!
  11. Thanks for the reminder, Dr. T! AND the gorgeous picture of some of spring's glory!
  12. People's Choice on Main Street, across from the Stadium. Nice people, $10 yearly membership. Nice variety of strains, most strains are a 20 donation, or 2 grams/35. Daily specials, too. http://www.peopleschoicea2.com/ Ganjamama's Tree Town Health Collective on State, across from the Produce Station. Same terms as above except no break on 2 grams. http://www.ganjamamas.com/ These are the personal favorites in pur house. Also one more, not a member, but hear this place (C4) is top notch in all ways- pricing, friendliness, etc. Must have card here, no papers accepted. 12 membership, current free meds for new members, according to the website. If we ever decide to join any more dispensaries in A2, this will be the one, I think. It's alittle ohard to fin, but if you look for King's Keyboard on Stadium, you will find it right next to it, along the side , rather the front facing the street. http://c4a2.com/ Have fun! Ann Arbor is a wonderland of great food and music--and great medicine! ....and not referring to the University Hospital, either!
  13. Beautiful work, nice way of documenting in the pics the day of growth, etc. Wonderful variety of strains, too! Just a little concerned about one of your descriptions....yikes! this has got to be some strong medicine!! Bogbubble 50 days-ish two Phenos selected from 20 females. One more commercial; easy to trim and yeids better. And one with outstanding flavor and great for SCROG as it grow just like a bush that could be formed into a perfect canopy for Sea for Green setup. (snipped) she is super potent as well acting as a great pain reliever as she makes the body worm and numb. I have been working with these same genetics for many years now and have yet to smoke a happier herb, forgot that she should be good for depression too. Sorry, couldn't resist, it just seemed too funny to let pass- I think we need all the laughs we can get these days.... that darn spell check doesn't always quite work as well as we might like!
  14. You've got me wishing I had entered nursing long ago as I thought I would as a little girl. I would be by your side in a minute, lending a hand to this very compassionate style of delivering health care to the underserved. I know you're doing the right thing in keeping insurance claims and companies out of this mix. There's a reason there's an awful lot of really large buildings housing the companies everywhere- they make one heck of a lot of profit! I am awe of this great idea of how to deliver health care properly. I am sending you blessings for the right people to appear to help you move this plan into an active, growing business for you- and bringing reasonable costs to those who seek your services. If I were closer, I would come see you for my basic care in a heartbeat!
  15. um, Glaucoma 1 is a female...and now there's 2 of us. ...and I'm lol @mibrains and Edward Glen! agreeing with you all, mm, sex- and that big old collective group hug-- is what we need more of!
  16. yes, thx for the free tunes this morning!
  17. I first read that book in junior year in high school- not for class, of course!- never forget the look on the face of the father of the kids I babysat for when I brought that book to read while babysitting. Not your usual teenagers read, I guess. I greatly enjoyed that book and the other books by Ayn Rand that it lead me to. Thanks for reminding me!
  18. What he said. Great discussion and valid points made on all fronts. I, too, love this site!
  19. thanks for the reply- at one of the dispensaries I visited a week or so ago in Ann Arbor, the owner there told me they were trying to make that be part of it. Yes, we were both outraged at anyone even having the idea that that would be legal.
  20. Good news, peanutbutter! Thanks for posting this. What do you know about dispensaries having to provide a patient list to the city?
  21. She's back! She's back! After not reading this group for a couple of days, I return to find Silverblue! I knew why you went away for a while and I hoped you would return when you could....I understood your nature enough from your posts to know that it took a toll on your spirits that you couldn't afford right then. Sometimes, we have to protect ourselves when we know our energy and balance are ebbing, and keep as much of our own energy as we can. At this time of the year, when the days and sunlight are short, many of us find it an additional challenge to emotional stamina. I'm just so glad this thread brought you joy and made you feel valued....because you are. Obviously you were missed here... and not just by me. Can you feel us surrounding you in a collective group hug- 'cause it just happened! Gosh, I love this group, what a great way to start my day!
  22. lol! love the name- and good photoshopping! (didn't you love those Pure Michigan ads on Youtube?)
  23. Really! You think just having the 2 lesbian midgets would be picky enough for 1082, but no, he's gotta include blondes, no less. Sheesh.
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