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  1. Hello I had my patients cards and everything, all the paper work and the whole nine yards and the police pulled me and my driver over and smelled marijuana and my driver for some reason told the police that he had smoked earlier that morning and they were trying to say it was with me and it wasn't. They then said if we didn't admit that we were smoking in the vehicle he was going to hit me with worse charges, I was not smoking in the vehicle so I would not admit that! Well to begin with this officer that pulled us over does not like me, we were supposed to be going to burger king to get my wife something to eat, but when we seen the police whip their car around to come after us I told the driver to pull into the gas station, I was already out of the car getting ready to get gas when the cop said get back in the vehicle, so I got back in the vehicle and asked what we got pulled over for and he said that he didn't pull us over and said "my lights weren't on". He then had my driver get in his car and try to get him to say that we were smoking in the vehicle and they didn't get anywhere with him so then they put me in the car and tried to get me to say the same thing basically and I wouldnt vuz its not true. So they arrested us both, him for driving under the influence (even though it was like 4 in the afternoon and he said he had smoked like 6AM that morning) and they arrested me for (del/manf of marijuana)!! Hello...I am a caregiver/Patient!!!! Anyway by the time I got to jail their were already police at my house taking pictures and looking in my window before my wife could even make it home (she was their at the seen of arrest because she had to bring me up the proof of ins. and reg.) Anyway, they made my wife stay oustide for almost 4 hours while they got the search warrant even though after 2-3hrs they weren't even sure if they were gonna be able to get it. They would not let her go in/or even walk in with her so she could get her antibiotic! They finally arrived with the search warrant, started with the house, they went as far as taking my paper work for my patients and my laws and acts I had on MMM, mind you when they arrested me they also confiscated my MMM ID cards, my money, and my State ID. They then went to my shed where all my patients plants were under lock in key like the law says and they took it all, the plants, the lights, and the nutrients!! I have a Puliminary Hearing on June 1st at Gladwin county court house at 9:00AM, I would like for everyone and anyone to come and back me up on this, I did retain a lawyer, Thank GOD!!! But what they are doing/what they have DONE is NOT right!!!! My patients are now without their meds until all this gets figured out! What a mess! If you plan on coming and need my name or any info. or would like to call me or anything with info please let me know. Thank you and Be Safe!!!!
  2. They basically have me on a bogiss case! I have retained a lawyer today so I hope their ready...lol!!!!!
  3. I would love for everyone and anyone to come and stick up for this whole situation of the cops and courts not understanding the medical marijuana acts and laws! I have a puliminary hearing on June 1st at 9:00AM and everyone that is against this harassement and everything else from the law enforcement should really come and stand up for this matter. It is at the Gladwin court house! I hope to see you there!!! Please come and stand up for our RIGHTS!!! Thank you and I hope to see you there!!!! This started May 15th 2010 when I got arrested and the police took my money, my MMM ID cards, my State ID, and they got a search warrant and raided my house and shed and confiscated everything....from my plants to my nutrients!
  4. You only need to wait 20 days after applying for your med. marijuana card if you don't recieve a denial by then you are cleared....you can also look up and read on the affirmative and dissmisal on the case this will explain how their are other ways it is legal without having the paper work or ID card! I hope I could help!
  5. I have been arrested and harassed, the police confiscated all my plants, lights, nutrients, MMM ID cards, and money! I have a puliminary on June 1st and am very hard up for cash right now, I need as much help as possible, I do not want the police to get away with this it is not right! I know they don't have anything on me and they are going against the Michigan state laws and MMMA!!! Puliminary is on June 1st at 9:00 AM at the Gladwin court house. I hope to see you all there.
  6. Yes Matt is very expensive and way out of our price range, this is getting stressful already, we have to find one and have basically less then a week to do so, I will give Chad a call....Thank you very much!
  7. Exactly, as far as I am concerned they have nothing! I went to araignment today at 1:30 and they said they are charging me with delivery OR possesion OR manufacturing OR this and that, they did not even have a certain charge for me! I am getting/trying to get Mathew Abel for a lawyer out of Detroit, I hear he is expensive so I am hoping I can get as many people and compassionate clubs as I can to help me out with this! All the money I had they confiscated when they arrested me! I need help with lawyer fees!
  8. Puliminary June 1st at 9:00 AM at the Gladwin court house! I hope to see everyone who is against the law enforcement doing this to medicsl marijuana patients and caregivers! They arrested me and confiscated everything and we all know this is going against their own laws! Please be there!
  9. I woke up at 9:00 in the morning, May 15th 2010 and got ready for the day and decided to go to the Compassionate Club in Clare,MI, So I had my brother inlaw drive me out there we left here about 11:15 and the meeting was from 12-2:00 I got home at about 3:00. About 4:00 I had my brother inlaw run me up town to get some food and we got followed into the gas station from a state trooper (mind you he did not even have his lights on and we already had keys out of the ignition and in the middle of councel)and I was already out of the car getting ready to pump gas. This happens to be the same officer that has harassed me a few years back, he instantly accussed me and my driver of smoking in the car and took the driver to his car and interagated him for about 20 minutes and was trying to get him to fill out a statement saying we were smoking in the vehicle. He would not fill out the statement because it was not true and then they said they would arrest him if he didnt, he sat on the front of the cop car and then they put me in the car and was trying to intarigate me and he was telling me if I didn't admit that I was smoking in the vehicle then he was gonna make sure he had a case on me somehow...I wouldnt admit to smoking in the vehicle and for one because I didn't! My driver told them that he smoked one earlier that morning about 6:30 AM and they arrested him for driving under the influence of marijuana. They ended up arresting me for delivering/manf. marijuana. I spent the night in jail and got bailed out this morning, yesterday while I was being arrested their were police already at my house and premises taking pictures and looking in my house, they would not let my wife in the house at all until they got there with the search warrant, she had to wait outside of the house for almost 4 hrs. They finally come with the search warrant and confiscated the little bit of marijuana found in the house and then they went to the shed and took all my plants, all my lights, and all my nutrients. So now all my patients are out of their medicine! I have court at 9:00Am June 1st for paliminary and I want all of us to stick together and I am fighting this all the way and need as many people as I can get to help me out! Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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