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  1. You cannot be a caregiver in Michigan unless you are a patient so ALL transfer of marihuana is automatically, by definition, patient to patient transfer if it is from a caregiver at all. To say patient to patient transfer is illegal is to illegalize what the law clearly states is the only kind of transfer allowed. To go this route is to pave the way for these jokers to actually take care of their own constituents - prison contractors. MMA does not endorse dispensaries but, instead, only patient to patient transfer? Dispensaries GET their meds from patients and turned them over to patients. Schuette has made it clear as has much of the state's political body that is is patient to patient transfer that is the target. Really, it is any transfer if we are going to be honest with each other. Dispensaries provided a way for caregivers to reach patients and stay legal by liquidating overages and not possessing too much. It did not provide for any kind of transfer than already exists between the caregiver and patient model as set forth by the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. It seems the will of the people only matters to these guys if you qualify as actual people and we all know the right has never been known to be terribly inclusive (for you right wingers who toke and grow - you are not in the majority within your demographic). There IS a problem of maturity in Michigan due to the relative scarcity of marijuana to Michiganders when compared to many states and it is sorely lacking when this particular plant ends up the subject of discussion and I mean that on both sides of this issue. "Compassion" clubs popping up with names like Big Daddy's (let's not even feign legitimacy, eh?) do little to encourage our political adversaries to consider our agenda seriously.
  2. I have the authority grow enough plants to take care of any new patients (plenty of room to let 'em get big) and the flow is to begin in roughly eleven weeks. Currently only have an overage of White Widow and Afghani #1, all organically grown under HPS. They are dense and tasty, I assure you. I do have some hash (also organic). If you are some distance away, I will deliver if you will merely compensate me for gas and, of course, the time and effort in growing it and patients will find me very reasonable when it comes to that. I have four openings. Coming this summer are: Jack Herer Granddaddy Purple Super Skunk Tangerine Dream Northern Lights Red Diesel I am looking for long term patients. Some of what I grow is strictly organic (current overage is entirely organic) but I will be moving into hydro soon with a keen eye on staying as natural as possible while doing so. The organics will continue as well so if you have a mind to be chemical free in your medical treatment and taste the fruit of the microherds (bacteria in my soil that helps the plants) then that will be available as well. I am in this for the long haul. Strain varieties will be circulated over time and requests from my personal patients will be considered strongly. If you are interested, simply send me a message at dankbud@ssl-mail.com ~ Eric
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