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  1. evcellent, and so much cheaper than buying an activated charcoal filter from the local shop
  2. makes sense. thanks for the reply
  3. i guess that i'm confused. is there a shelf life on fresh castings when bagged? i'm sure you still get the benefits from nitrogen but does the microbial life die off sitting in that plastic bag i just bought at the getting place?
  4. how about just putting a tesla coil in your grow tent? i can see my charred donkey running, ducking and diving around in there now. should make watering the girls pretty interesting, lol.
  5. willow water? i know that i saw it in a thread somewhere around the neighboorhood. what does the willow do for yor water? is this just for clones?
  6. grassmatch, i'm going to leave the worm farming to you lol. it's still a war zone in some areas but the festivals usually have a good police coverage. i'll probably use it anyway and it could make a good case for the recycling of part of your used soil. blend some new and used, add some fresh amendments. i can't see it being too harmful. thanks again everyone
  7. bag of castings i bought was 20 quarts. probably good thing i didn't mix it yet. thanks to brains and petyr for answering. will pick up some azomite next time i'm out. saw rare earth at polish festival in hamtramk a few years ago. enjoyed listening to them very much. would definately see them again.
  8. i do have a couple of questions though. should i be playing rare earth on the stereo or is it a soil amendment? my sales person at superior didn't seem to have heard of it. how big is a small bag of earthworm castings?
  9. got most everything at superior in livonia. you will definately need some assistance from an employee as they don't keep all of the organic goodies together. sunshine mix is out on the floor, promix is in the back. they have two different worm castings, one out on the floor and the other brand is in the back. bone meal and blood meal are in front as soon as you walk in the door while the kelp meal and plant success is over on the right somewhere. the good news is that the employees seem courteous and will help you find everything.
  10. Little help? Because of my fathers physical condition I cannot go all over town searching for my goodies. He is hospice care at home, not doing very well. Does anyone know of a store in south east mi. preferably close to southfield that I can obtain all of the items needed for growing in K.I.S.S soil? It is nearly impossible for me to be gone for more than a couple of hours. Thanks in advance.
  11. menards is running a limited time sale right now. promix is going for $9.99 2cf. in stock at livonia store. try to leave me a few bales
  12. i thought zach's graph might answer my question but instead i think it raised more. i was wondering how fast thc degraded at 300 deg f after the first 15 min. to decarboxilate it. anyone. i guess i would rather get a consistant 85-90% activation rather than quickly going to 70% or lower
  13. treehugger couldn't say global warming cause al gore solved that "problem". thats why i'm freezing my beans off in the coldest winter i can remember.
  14. welcome to the site. alot of friendly, helpfull people here
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