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  1. Hey thanks for they info everyone, So far so good...I believe they were just looking around or maybe question if my backyard was a grow op because it is a bit of a jungle with a big pond in it. That is some scary stuff about the drones too!
  2. Hey thanks for the responses, ya just double checking everything!!! If I am over even one plant will they treat it just like a illegal grow opp? I am just wondering how a small fish like me attracted their attention?
  3. So as I was driving home I had observed a helicopter circrling the area of my house but was too far to see exactly where he was...after a few hour I was walking out the back door to see the same helicopter flying low and most defiantly circling... I looked up some picture of helicopters and it appears to be one of the michigan state police surveillance helicopters. I am a grower with cards, but still am worried they are going to kick down my door!?!?!?! If anyone knows anything about this kind of thing please post. Dose it mean anything, should I expect a team in my house tomorrow morning? whats the general process of what happens in these cases??? I am freakin out man!!!!
  4. Ok back, I use to run tea brews but unfortunately I have been to preoccupied with soil mix texting and a few other thing to incorporate it. I am about to start doing teas again, it will be interesting to see the difference with it added to an already living soil mix. Hey Mezz, have you noticed a big difference in results from your own worm casting vs. store bought? I have been worm farming for a while now... still learning and I am just now starting to incorporate the castings I have made at home with the girls... I hear the home made stuff is way better but have not really tested it yet? And I have been using smart pots with great results...I am actually going back to plastic containers for some plants to do a side by side since I have not done one yet. I want to see how much of a difference there is. One more thing to bring up about organics...top mulch layer of some sort...I think this helps alot by keeping the vary top more moist while protecting the micro beasties from the light. Have not done green mulch yet, would be interesting to see with some nitrogen fixing clover like mezz said.
  5. Hey Mezz, Caffeine, great info! I hope to run into you two some day at an event or somthing... would love to shoot the $h1t with ya. You both bring up so great points, Caffeine, about the mycorhizae, you have confirmed what i have been trying to figure out. I started using a mycorhizae with only a few strains...this seemed to work better than the stuff with a tons of different mycorhizae strains... I didn't think they would compete with each other, and the proper strain would beat out the rest, however my observations do not prove this correct. mycorhizae is so important to add separately in organic gardening, when i started to add it directly to roots at transplant is when I noticed the largest change in the yield and health of my girls. As for flush and organics, that i believe is a bit more tricky that yes or no. I have been using a similar method to Mezz trying to use only dry nutes and soil, mixes to feed only with molasses and the occasional mycorhizae watering. I have found if I mix the blend right my leaves will start to yellow up what most would consider early...my best tastiest heaviest yielding have always been yellow and well depleted of nitrogen, and flushing did not affect much in either way...however if my mix was too strong and leaves were still green within a week of harvest I have notices a harsher taste, smaller buds, and they would usually take longer to finish... OK sorry gonna finish up in a bit late for a meeting:)
  6. Ok cool, alot of interesting and important things have just been brought up here. First I would agree with Zapatos Blood and bone should be avoided in veganics and poop dose seem all good. I tell people the best way to grow is to be nature, in that you mimic real environmental growing condition as close as possible. It is laughable to me that we humans think we can beater 1000's of years of environmental engineering through modern science of maybe 100 years max. Sure synthetics can produce more but nothing we humans have made can compare to the quality of organics/ or veganics.... as long as it happens in nature. Think about poop, its everywhere and is an important part of the ecological balance. I would say the same thing about blood and bone, however it is probably never as concentrated as how we human apply it for cannabis. I suppose you could make the same argument for everything. and honestly I have had the best results by usung moderation, heck I really dont even feed after my transplants, usually only RO water till the end, and I am always willing to do a side by side comparison with whoever certain of victory over synthetics, and hoping for victory over another organics. As for the organic commercial liquid fertilizers, I would say dont bother adding to your tea. Even though they are organic, they still contain a high amount of chelating through organic acids. This may throw your ph too far for the micro organisms in your tea.... Skunk magazine just had a bit about this in the last issue. I highly recommend organic grows reed this mag on the regular! You are much better off using dry amendment, for teas and soil. It takes a bit of time to break down these dry elements thereby not totally shocking the micro-life and plant. The point of these Chelating agents (synthetic or organic) is basically to force feed your plants. Would you be happy if someone force feed you? The exception I make for liquids is molasses and fish emulsion, and maybe some b hormone. Stay dry people!
  7. original haze x skunk1 (many people received as feebee's from the bou) is a excellent strain! Its kind of funny because this strain possesses many of the heirloom traits that this article says is getting bread out of current day strains. This strain is vary hard to grow so most people don't let it go over 70 days and they have a ton of stretch, claiming it is junk cuz it is skinny, airy and lankly. This plant is heavily sativa influenced and yes, paranoia is often encountered when smoking alot because there is little to no ceiling. I don't belive these freebee seeds would have any of this new ginetic modification like Monsanto because 1. has anyone grown out cannabis seeds that were genetically modified like Monsanto? and 2. These seeds are way old man! with that being said about Orginal haze x skunk, I have read other articles about Sam the skunk man and it dose seem like he may be a self serving individual, and probably not a person you would ever want to work with due to his affiliation with government and big firms. But then again it is hard to figure out whats embellishment and whats true. I 100% believe the research to accomplish a monsanto type monopoly over the cannabis industry is going on somewhere, probably a few places. But this industry is based on hoarding prized genetics that usually have been around for a while, and due to the fact we clone it would be hard for them to introduce a monsanto type gene into these plants. sorry had to give my 2 cents
  8. I am gonna try an post pics but right now the site is not letting me.
  9. So I was reading skunk magazine when I stumbled upon these bags and though I have to get a set and try them because my current 3 sets of regular design bags were a pain in the but and all clogged up. I have purchased a 4 bag small cone set and some two washing machine bags. I plan on throwing in some east coast sour diesel, which is drying and some Sam the skunkman Original haze X Skunk1!!!! I am really pumped to put some of that super sativa OHXSK1 in and get some of those tiny sativa trichomes collected. I had some of this hash last year while snowboarding in colorado, IT FU@KING CHANGED MY WORLD MAN! So I am still waiting to take some stuff down but will have the final report up soon, In the mean time I am going to get the washing machine ready. This is my first time doing a washing machine run so if anyone has any advice tips or tricks please throw them down!
  10. I too was interested in trying out growing veganic, let us know how this went for you? I was looking up stuff on on youtube, about veganics and was watching Kyle Kushmans line, but I do want do a home made mix so if anyone has any good recopies please post them!
  11. actually I guess I have some pictures posted in my gallery.
  12. Hey yall, I took more Blue Moonshine clones than I am gonna be able to use, PM me if interested. The cut is a DJ short cut that has made its way around michigan. Its a super narcotic Indica, that will help tremendously with sleep and relaxation. I have posted pics of her here and on IC if motivated enough to look. I just want to keep my numbers below my count so I will probably get rid of a few extra other strains as well, Super silver haze, Sharks Breath, ect. Gotta make room for the new arrivals ya know!
  13. Ya the DNA Sharks-breath is fantastic, great taste, and supper great yield! There is a great clone going around southeast michigan
  14. Thanks for the response, I hope no thought I was trying to be an a hole, I just wanted to make sure thing were as they are suppose to be. Have not had any issues with mods here, keep up the good work.
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