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  1. O.k. , thanks guys. Let's rephrase the question. No matter how much or how good it is that i smoke, i can pass a drug test in about two weeks notice. If I have been doing dabs, let's assume reasonably good stuff, can I still expect to pass in the two weeks?
  2. Lol. You guys. Are you getting mail in your name at the house?
  3. In my travels I come across someone doing dabs At almost any event. I'm curious, does potency alone matter, or still just frequency of use?
  4. Well hello friends. Mrs. and I just wanted to say that we are still around, still care, are still grateful, and hope you are all doing well. We are still fighting, coping and recovering, but nonetheless are still here. (Well not "THERE" .. but here.. .. and going through the necessary motions. God Bless you all, be safe, smart and study your laws! With Love, Rich and Barbi
  5. Well... either way.. we are still fighting for you all. as a whole. sick patients in need of their meds.
  6. Really guys.. Raid 1. - sister thought she was helping an elderly man with esophageal cancer learn to not smoke and instead use alternatives, and left him a cookie. The man had not sent his paperwork in but went to the doctor. The man was approached by Leo in an unrelated matter, found the cookie, and he started singing. the warrant was only issued after a week of looking for "nobody" in particular nobody ever accused me of selling, growing, or smoking. Until my dog bit my sisters kid and and went to the hospital. docs called cops, they put names together and I was raided. I was not listed on the warrant, which was undated, unsigned, and unstamped. On June 17th I was a caregiver for 3 and had a total 48 plants, 12 being mine from my recent doctors visit on June 3. Everything was paperwork, as cards were very slow. They took everything based on no "plastic" and the fact that I had not sent in my own personal paperwork yet, and only had a rec.
  7. Shut it down or move it bro !! I realize how hard it is, but no ex's, friends, and barely any family will know where I grow again. (Not that I grow..) I don't necessarily not trust them, but regardless, you don't want them coming in with guns breaking your wife's nose and strip searching the females. that's what happened ti us in ONE if the raids.. over SMELL
  8. In not one of the raids was any warrant, signed or not, due to anything I did, was being investigated for, or accused of. all if them STARTED as a coincidence. I don't believe we were initially a target.
  9. Merry late xmas my dear friends! Hope you are all, well, blessed and healthy! Stay legal and safe!
  10. Barbi and I are fine thank you ! Without getting too far off subject, we are both fighting the same for you still on a local, state, and federal level. We just do it very quietly. But know that we are always thinking about all of you, are grateful for everything always, and always look forward to seeing you. We have been able to make a couple of surprise functions visits, but other than that, we are just living. As for this forum question ... there really are to many variables for a good answer really. Just be careful, God bless .. and I will see you all soon at the legalization bash. We will be in Uruguay
  11. You are all correct, and you're all incorrect. I have been pulled over for no reason and let go with marijuana on me. I have been raided 4 times. They have come, searched, and left, They have come with warrants, come without warrants, and they ALMOST always win. Think they need a warrant? Not according to our Supreme Court..at least it doesn't need a signature, stamp or date...
  12. http://richardaneill.com/about/pleasant-st-june-17th-2010-the-raid/
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