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  1. O.k. , thanks guys. Let's rephrase the question. No matter how much or how good it is that i smoke, i can pass a drug test in about two weeks notice. If I have been doing dabs, let's assume reasonably good stuff, can I still expect to pass in the two weeks?
  2. Lol. You guys. Are you getting mail in your name at the house?
  3. In my travels I come across someone doing dabs At almost any event. I'm curious, does potency alone matter, or still just frequency of use?
  4. Well hello friends. Mrs. and I just wanted to say that we are still around, still care, are still grateful, and hope you are all doing well. We are still fighting, coping and recovering, but nonetheless are still here. (Well not "THERE" .. but here.. .. and going through the necessary motions. God Bless you all, be safe, smart and study your laws! With Love, Rich and Barbi
  5. Source: The Ultimate Failure
  6. You've always been support of us, and we appreciate you!

  7. The point of the Fourth Amendment, which often is not grasped by zealous officers, is not that it denies law enforcement the support of the usual inferences which reasonable men draw from evidence. Its protection consists in requiring that those inferences be drawn by a neutral and detached magistrate instead of being judged by the officer engaged in the often competitive enterprise of ferreting out crime." —Johnson v. United States, 333 U.S. 10, 13-14 (1948)

  8. checking in, everything ok?

  9. I want them to know they are no different than me and Barb. I want them to know most likley, they use more harmful drugs than i do, and most of all, I want these patients and caregivers to be left alone so we too can enjoy the fruits of our hard work, like most other counties in the state.

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