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    "Timmy is a classless scumbag. He's been slinging direct personal insults left and right and his buddy qtip lets it all stand. Wonderful face of an organization when you have your mods doing that." caveatlector.... more ignorant childish disrespect can be found at http://www.michigancannabispatients.com

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  1. i love greatlakes genetics well over 10 seed packs thru them. awesome gear and service
  2. comfrey is the best booster ive found
  3. how was it tested? and og kush is a hybrid on the sativa side.
  4. nope . the word dispensary isn't even in our law. soon i think it will be, but no idea what the rules will be.
  5. under the radar? yes you will grow for less with leds, you will also grow less. everyone i know who has invested in leds....is trying to sell them. best of luck, if you are legal heat from a light isnt a concern. if you are not heat from a light isnt a concern. you live in a state with thousands and thousands of homes with a hot spot.
  6. clean looking doesnt mean clean. it is not found inside the plant. http://www.clemson.edu/extension/hgic/pests/plant_pests/flowers/hgic2049.html
  7. if you can clone it, its not an autoflower. autoflower means it flowers no matter what, which means you cant revert it back to veg. if you can its photosensative and is not an auto flower.
  8. i believe you are correct, the drop in ph is what kills the pm
  9. powdery mildew is not systemic accourding to the horticultre experts. not the hydro shop guys but the guys with degrees. a sulphor burner is key. a few years ago michigan saw a bad outbreak of it. i used the burner and got a dehumidifier.... not a spot in years mow. still running most of thos planst , always take clones before i flower. no pm . but really ask the science guys. pot growers are the only ones that think its systemic. change the enviroment, give them a ph they cant handle its all done and over with.
  10. who the f are you? dont like our laws just leave? are you making a bad joke our are you that dense. why dont you leave , if we dont like our laws we change em. thats how mmj got legal here.
  11. no i know of king kush been around a min not really new do you know what medical condition it works for/ who bred it? why do i want to grow it?
  12. thats not lucky, its not legal either. im not hating im telling you the truth. you are not luckier than i, you take giant stupid risks with your freedom im not willing to do. thats not lucky, some might say you are unlucky, it just hasnt caught up to you yet.
  13. if ur a cg f vacation it sucks but you are supplying meds put ur big boy pants on no more recess. if u want to get er done....sorry your an idiot you need to follow the law. id love to grow out a thousand pounds and never grow again.... its ok right i wanna get er done. scrog away i do, on a perpetual grow too. you made a bunch of excuses for breaking the law, that were pretty lame. read what i wrote.... couple plants ever 2 WEEKS not months. no not short sighted , nothing of the sort...
  14. its insanely easy.....put a couple into flower every couple week.... in a couple months you start harvesting a couple every couple weeks. only one reason to grow all at once....sales.
  15. no where in the law does it say disp....how and where did you get the idea it was legal? it isnt. what you do with extras is not have them
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