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  1. What donations are you asking ?

  2. All of my patients are real patients with legitimate illnesses (AIDS, cancer, MS, etc). Unfortunately, one of my patients has passed away and thus I have an opening for a new patient. I follow the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program laws to the letter. I am aware that there are some gray areas of the law that some partake in, but I do not partake in the gray areas. If you want to partake in this, then I am not the caregiver for you. You must have your physical card. Paperwork only will not be accepted under any circumstances. Paperwork is too easy to forge. I WILL be checking your card agai
  3. Thank you! Is the rainwater a good choice? I have hard water and no softener. Is there another way I can get water besides buying distilled? Would distilled water help fend off the algae?
  4. I have a plant that I got as a clone. It started out wilting and a little dry. I figured out that I needed to water less and pump up the room temp. So now it is growing like, well, a weed. I water once a day, have a fan blowing in the room, and have the room temp at 84. I have the plant in soil, indoors. The soil is organic and the brand is Foxfarm and is made with earthroom and bat poop. I also use Ionic 3-1-5 and rainwater for it. My readings are good. But tonight I noticed that on the surface of the dirt (just on the surface, no deeper) that there is a thin layer of green. I think
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