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    Itssortalegal10's horror movie when yer medicated list.

    I love the gore and this list will grow

    Laid to rest (VERY realistic gorefest) plus the chick is hot :)

    Death Valley (OK gore good story..Very adult content in some cases)

    Carver (Twisted nasty gorefest in bad taste) Great movie if you are not a woosey

    Cannibal Ferux (Twisted old school cult theater) be super medicated

    Cannibal Holocaust (Same as above)

    P2 (VERY suspenseful and violent )

    House & House 2 (Get medicated and hang in there both are very good movies...kid safe mostly)

    Poultryguiest (a TROMA release very B movie great to watch when medicated)

    Bad Taste (Peter Jackson's early work in film before king king. Great gore and funny intentionally as well)

    Dead Alive (same as above)

    Trailer Park of Terror (OK movie another medicate first flick..Great zombies type characters alright story line.

    Quarantine- Great film moves fast and creepy. Basically an American version of the film REC which is also a great film.

    Undead- Great movie...Awesome graphics and gore, totally medicate for this one you will not be disappointed.

    Don't rent these movies

    DO NOT EVER!!! Rent a movie called Header..I have a very open mind and fully support free speech and even I could not watch this..About an old grandpa and fresh out of prison grandson killing chicks drilling holes in the top of their head and then well having sex with it..Bad acting bad story awful movie you would have to be a sicko to like this one...

    Some of these are old and some new list will grow as I view more.
  1. Hey John I posted this to Facebook. Now that I have read what you want to do I realize that thete is one similar to this already called the 420club. Having said that I truly feel that we need more of these exact things. One or two will not be enough. Especially now that these bills have passed. If this is something our club OCCC can at least start until more people show interest then we can make that happen.
  2. We most certainly could use the support in the area. Hope to see u all there. We will have lots of new changes with the club to discuss also.
  3. Well We have the police report..I can see if My VP can throw it up on the Website @ OsceolaCountyCompassionClub.org Keep your eye on there ...
  4. Attention friends. Roger Maybee and I spoke today and his lawyer Kim Booher seems to think that she will have his case thrown out by Friday Feb. 24th. There is a pre-trial meeting with the prosecutor on this day. What I am asking is that you all please call the prosecutor Jim Sims. Let him know that patients do not need this kind of trouble from law enforcement. If you are unfamiliar with this story here it is. Call Osceola County Prosecutor here! 1 231.832.3226 Roger Maybee - Pre Lim Roger Maybee's preliminary hearing..It was apparent to even the judge and the court reporte
  5. Popped in to see you around. I saw the Site figured it would use same name it did. Hope all is well

    .I will bug ya

  6. Next Osceola County CC meeting is Sunday September 18th at Sunrise Lake Bar. Leroy Michigan.. 4-6 PM..We will have an Osceola County Commissioner in attendance who supports Medical Marijuana and wants to learn more way she can help! Please attend no matter where you live no fee to attend Public always welcome.

  7. Ever watch Otis? Good movie.

  8. OSCEOLA COUNTY NOW HAS A BUS FOR THE SEPTEMBER 7th RALLY!!! NO CHARGE TO RIDE...ALL WE ASK IS THAT YOU DONATE WHAT YOU CAN IF YOU CAN..NOT NECESSARY TO RIDE...TV's AND BATHROOMS...MSG ME TO RIDE! GET TO THIS RALLY THERE IS NO EXCUSE NOT TO! Many thanks to Rick Thompson and the MACC for helping us like this given the circumstances yesterday! Our club will donate to the MACC ATTACK fund regardless of donations taken in.. 1st pickup is at Reed City McDonalds and the bus departs at 8:45 am ..Second Pickup is at Evart Mcdonalds and will be leaving at 9:15 am..Last stop at Clare Burger
  9. Look I get that everyone wants to still hate everyone else this is not the time for OPINIONS! This is the time to all come together...There is a need for a dispensary in some cases just like a need for caregivers...PATIENTS NEED TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS MEDS HOW THEY FEEL COMFORTABLE! We still need a bus here in this county and I will defend Rick Joe Cain and anyone else facing prosecution over a plant
  10. I think it is just funny that this all happened right at the time that they were trying to help people actually GET to Lansing! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Why are we tolerating this treatment from the people WE PAY to be in charge! There had better be over a thousand people at this thing..Thats all I know
  11. At this point we have nothing..Nobody is saying they will even ride it..I am very stressed and disappointed..The bus holds 46 people tv's and bathrooms...We are looking at $980.00 for the bus bout 25 bux a seat..We arent sure we can fill it we have some club funds we can use...And that is where we are at... Any and all help would be appreciated.
  12. At leas four members of Big Daddy's Management Group and some Caregivers have been issued arrest warrant for events that occurred back in January Rick Thompson of 4MMagazine and MACC . It is still unclear as to what the possible charges are. All of this is occurring just after the CA dispensary ruling and juat before September 7th's rally (which they are helping people with as far as funding to get there). If I hear more I will post it. Big daddy's and 4 M magazine were suppose to sponsor our bus down but it is still up in the air if they will be able to..If any group or organization would lik
  13. Clare County Already has a bus that needs to be filled contact me if you are interested in that Pick up which will be at Clare Burger King. Contact Mayor Herb for that info.
  14. Do you live in or around Osceola (or surrounding), Clare County, Newago County, Mecosta County or Lake County? Do you want to go to the rally on Spetember 7th to show your support for medical marijuana patients? Would you be able to make it to either Reed City McDonalds or Evart Mcdonalds to catch a bus? We need to know! We have Two 46 Passenger buses we want to get with tv's and bathrooms, BUT WE NEED TO SEE NUMBERS HERE! Joe
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