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  1. I still blame a poor strategy and lack of coordination between the different activist groups for these passing. I don't think it was a coincidence that a dispensary bill was introduced right after this vote. A bill that I am sure will go nowhere. Many of the movement leaders said they did not have enough votes to pass those bills. What happened? The strategy of having patients give testimonials is just too easy to dismiss. We need to let them see that we are normal tax paying, hard working, law abiding citizens who happen to use marijuana for medication. Instead what we do is go protest in tie die waving marijuana leafs. Sorry to say this is just playing into the stereotype and not really helping our cause. We lack a consistent message, coordinated efforts, and a clear strategy. Until we change that we will keep getting run over by the cannabis deniers.
  2. Is anyone really surprised? Those people who said they did not have enough votes to lead us away from the fight are going to be shocked when their dispensary bill dies a slow death. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein
  3. Not reversible but not uncrackable. Jack the Ripper can do dictionary or bruit force attack. Best to change your password if you made the mistake of using the same one on your email as you do here.
  4. You hit the post button before me. But ya that is right on. I wonder what would happen if I got pulled over? I have not medicated in 2 months so I would test clean. I think I am done with the program until things get sorted out.
  5. Good point. This is devastating news. I guess the next petition drive will have to be for driving. The problem is that will be a tougher sell to the general public. It will take $$$ to educate them.
  6. I have sadly reached the same conclusion. Their motivation is money and money is made by cases. Who will they defend if no patients are arrested? I asked several times of the top attorneys in the movement and not one honest answer. It is a simple question. Why no class action suite to force the state to follow the law? They will tell you it is money. I contend "build it and they will come." If you ask for donations to proceed with such a suite you will get them. They have never asked for donations or even had any exploratory meetings to see if it is feasible. Not one attorney has even attempted to articulate what it would take to do. That says a lot to me since the case seems like a clear winner. I really have just about had it. Our "leaders" play their "Game of Thrones" power struggles over their fiefdoms while us peasants suffer from the folly of their inaction. I'm going to be in Lansing on the 17th doing what little I can while the high lords play their game of thrones. If I'm going down I'm going down fighting.
  7. I'll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around me Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday And I'll get on my knees and pray We don't get fooled again
  8. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I have always had respect for your well thought out positions on these issues. I don't believe that protest are totally ineffective however I can't say they have had much effect on the current legislature. So what are we going to do to work more effectively? I just can't set on my hands and not do something.
  9. Wow I just assumed everyone would still be attending the protest. Are we really willing to allow these bills to be passed without a fight just because of this internal power struggle?
  10. A lot of organizations are 501c3. It is not that hard to get. I set on a conservation preserve board that is 501c3. This has to do with the ability to be tax exempt. Anyone can claim to be non profit but you have to follow the IRS rules if you don't want to pay taxes and if you want people who donate to be able to claim it on their taxes. If anyone wants to make a FIFO request and get a copy of the MMMA tax records here is how to do it. http://www.irs.gov/foia/index.html If they are like most non profits I deal with you will find they are running on a shoe string budget.
  11. Okay lets also do a credit card reality check. I tried to test the current site but the cc part is broken. To accept cc online you have to be PCI certified. That is why most companies use a clearing house for that part so they don't have to deal with the over the top security documentation required to prove they are PCI compliant. I can't prove it right now but I would bet that this site also used a clearing house that handled the cc part and that the cc information was never stored on this site so Joe can't have it. Not to mention that by law you can only be held accountable for $50 of cc fraud and most cc companies cover 100% of fraud.
  12. Lets keep this in a little perspective. Chances are he does not have access to our passwords. Most forum software keeps those encrypted even to administrators. Now he may have access to the encrypted hash of your password and if you used a easy one he can run a program called Jack the Ripper than will run a dictionary attack on that encrypted hash. If you are using dictionary passwords or easy to guess passwords let this be a lesson and stop doing that. The only other information he may have is an email address. I hope everyone is cautious about emails and won't easily fall pray to a phishing attack. If in doubt ask here. I'm sure someone here can vet the email for you.
  13. I'm pretty intimately involved in the legalization effort. I can guarantee that there is no big money involved. Anyone who knows crap about gathering signatures for ballot proposals knows that if the money is there you pay per signature to insure participation.
  14. I'm doing fine thanks. I hope you are correct as we need to be united heading into the next few weeks or our law will be gutted.
  15. Sadly the problem is not just here in the MMMA. In my involvement with other activist groups it has become clear that we as a group lack the ability to keep our power struggles civil. We are completely splintered and with each splinter comes yet another organization attempting to be the voice of marijuana reform. Where is our uniting force? Our Gandhi? The cannabis deniers are together on their message while we continue with our infighting. To quote Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us."
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