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  1. Thanks cedar springs. my card expires soon and I will try it again.
  2. Thanks Dr. Bob. My friend just called and he got his today. He applied yesterday. So the reply just needs to be "NO"!!! Question now is how do I get one now that the local police have my info in their system?
  3. Would anyone know if the sheriff's department has a time limit on when they have to provide the permit or deny it?
  4. Pass... Sorry sho, I missed the seeing the CPL question post. I thought you was talking to me, lol.
  5. I like your thinking sho! Then I am moving to the U.P.. I am up there enough anyways just my wife is not willing to move some place that gets more snow than Northern Michigan. That's the section I am refering to. I have been out of the loop for quite a while. Yes, it should not be grounds for denial. I made a mistake earlier about the flyer. I was a little upset to be still dealing with all the resistance some people are doing and never really looked at it. It is a NCIS phamplet for appealing a firearm transfer denial. There is a section at the bottom that says: To be provided by the FFL NTN:_______ then in the space after she wrote "Medical Marijuana Card Holder". I open it up and the first sentance of the first paragraph says: "If you have been denied by a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) from receiving a firearm because of a record in the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), you may appeal the denial decision." but, I was denied because I am a card holder???
  6. LOL. Great idea...it never entered my mind. Yes, Michigan could take a page or two from Oregons book!! That is what I needed to hear, thanks. Amen to that!! That is one thing that is wrong with it, the question did not even specify if you are a patient or caregiver. Just do you have a MMM card.
  7. Proof...I am sure they still have my request on file. Are you a attorney? If you are I will tell you the county in a pm. Unfortunately I was the first section 8 test case for this county. After a very, very long time, I eventually won. The police stoled my meds and lied about everything they could. They know me very well! But I would be willing to do it again and get a recording of it if that would help!!!! solabeirtan...my mistake, again, was trusting law enforcement to FOLLOW the law and be the PUBLIC SERVANTS WE, again WE pay them to be. What is the constitution toilet paper now. What the hell did I serve for! So your saying I should lie to law enforcement on a possible federal document when we all know they can and will get any information on us. Are you an attorney? Was you one of the first three I fired two plus years ago? Just kidding, with you, I did fire three though. So I do not have to give up my patient status to make use of my constitutional rights as a US citizen. Are other counties doing this information form to get a purchase permit? Then the information form is not federal?
  8. I went to the sheriff's department to get a purchase permit to register s couple handguns I have inherited. First I had to fill out this information form before they would give me the purchase permit. On it one of the questions is are you a MMM card holder. I left it blank at first but the lady seen it was not answered and told me I had to answer it or I would be denied. I told her that is medical information and is between my doctor and myself and none of their business. Again she said I would be denied. So I circled yes. Then she proceeds to ask me if I have the card with me and I said yes. She then asked for the card and I gave it to her. She then proceeds to make photo copies of it and then enters in some information on the computer. She comes back and tells me I am denied because I have a card. I then ask her to show me the law where it says I cannot have one....no reply. I asked her who I can appeal it to and she gives me a brochure for the ATF. Now I am dam sure there is a part in our law that states we will not be discriminated against. Well, this sure felt like discrimination to me. Now I am not a first time handgun owner...I have several registered to me and they know it. My questions are if I let my patient status expire and I am just a caregiver for another patient will they give me the permit. Has anyone else had this problem. I am the only surviving heir for these guns. I learned how to shoot pistols with one of them as a kid. Now I have heard stores will not even sell patients ammunition. Any replies will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Well I will assume from this reply that you kept providing the gro nutz for the first couple weeks of flower. That is very important. Now first let me say I have never used FF soil. I make my own soilless mix. From all the forums I have read, from other growers, (which is alot) FF soil starts great, out of the gate, but quickly looses steam. Meaning MJ will deplete the available nutz in the soil. I believe you are dealing with a nitrogen deficiency. MJ will rob the nitrogen from the older leaves to feed the younger ones to keep growth going. The spots are necrosis (dead plant tissue). Dizledot is not having the problem because her compost is more rich in the nitrogen. I would recommend you take a tablespoon, per plant, of Blood Meal and work it in to the top inch or two of the soil. Then give a good watering with your gro fertz. I would keep a feeding schedule like gro, bloom, bloom, then flush and repeat until the yellowing goes away or use a gro, bloom, then flush and repeat. Your choice. Out of curiosity what is the NPK of the bloom fertz you are using and what size pots?
  10. Mr. Mister what are the NPK values of the Grobig ferts you are using?
  11. Nice grow BG, it's been great to follow!! F2 Blueberry AbsoluteRoyal Big J Brandan TajMahal bubbleberrykush ganjawarrior jb32172 ToadInCan Stewedscrewed miko LongHairBri Royal Smoke *John* Burn14me Sledge seefdro sfldg burn14me Dilligaf JIPO Mibrains kindbuds afi Hempcheff Mike Sativa Shadeleaf Bubbledick (moby dick x white widow x arjans haze) x Blueberry miko bubbleberrykush ganjawarrior ToadInCan Michiganmedclones escobar LongHairBri Sledge Brandan 1337Gr33n! sfldg Royal Smoke scrogbubbles Dilligaf JIPO!!! Mibrains kindbuds TajMahal afi AbsoluteRoyal Hempcheff
  12. Sounds like everyone is right. There is a documentary called "The Union. The Business Behind Getting High." This is a fantastic documentary that shows most of the history on cannabis and why the system is ignoring the facts. I believe that clips from this documentary would make a great educational tutorial, for Compassion clubs all the way to the most vocal national organizations for Cannabis, to inform people. It is a little long, as the history and information not widely seen by people is long, but well worth sitting through. If your not saying WOW at the end of this video, I would be very surprised. I will post a link to it below but, it is also out in video stores. I think some was trimmed off the complete video, but am not sure. I have it on DVD. So if you haven't seen it pull up a chair and prepare yourself to be Awed. Send the link to everyone you know! The Union. The Business Behind Getting High
  13. “I therefore believe it is illegal for someone to supply marijuana to someone who is a patient other than one registered to that person,” Smathers said. Smathers said that the way the law is written, a registered patient can't be arrested for securing marijuana from a dispensary. I don't think they are recognizing patient to patient transfers. What part of the law is that in B&T?
  14. Looks like Traverse City's judges have a good understanding of the law. Way to go TC!! It doesn't look as though the prosecutor there shares their same opinion though. Sad... Medical pot case could hit top court
  15. Your welcome. We need to keep people in the know. I'll see what I can find out for you if someone doesn't post some info first. WOW...lots of views. Anyone have any opinions or comments?
  16. Cadillac's dispensary makes the front page of the Cadillac News. See what the dispensary owners, Wesford's senator and law officials have to say about the law. Read the comments at the end to see what people have to say. Going to Pot? -Cadillac News
  17. My wife and I both got our cards today. Received: 7-28-10 Check cashed: 7-29-10 Issued: 8-12 & 8-13-2010 Expires: 9-1-2011 Just some info for those still waiting. It's a long wait but, worth it!
  18. My patient and myself both received are cards yesterday. Wow what a wait that was. Hang in there everyone that's still waiting! Mailed: 5/6 Check cashed: 5/11 Received: 9/1 Expires: 6/1/2011
  19. I use Co2 and never had a problem with bugs. I've read along the same info before but, if I am remembering correct, 10,000ppm is extremely to much. I think the optimum was 1800ppm were they would die from suffocation. Again, I never have had problems with bugs. I build to an optimum of 1300 - 1500 ppm over a period of time. I do also use a soil less mix, mix myself, and have heard that is a better environment for bugs. Again, never had the problem, but maybe this is why. Hope it helps
  20. Here in NM there has been, in the past, several robberies on Veterinary Offices for the pills they stock, for animals. Guess we need to add them to the list also. I wonder how Human Societies would take to that?
  21. That was absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing it. I couldn't stop watching it! +1
  22. MiNorml has a by county list of candidates pro mj. Check it out and vote, vote, VOTE! MiNorml
  23. People, check the by county list that MiNorml has composed of MJ friendly candidates. Vote, vote VOTE!!! MiNorml
  24. In March '09 High Times did an interview with a master grower, from Cali, they called "The Wizard". The Wizard had contacted High Times because he wanted someone to document a new soil growing process that he'd mastered. This guy has been growing for 20+ years then. It's a great read and here is a short quote from the article: "Once he'd mastered hydroponics, the Wizard told me, he made the conscious choice to return to soil and organics, and ended up achieving the greatest results he'd ever seen. We had a long conversation about hydro versus dirt- agreeing that hydro gardens grow faster, but disagreeing about final bud size. But when it comes to buds raised in soil, said the Wizard, one thing always stands out in the end: the taste." "Then we returned to his garden for a second look, and it became clear that he's way beyond anything a hydro farmer could ever hope to achieve."
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