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  1. Not sure what you mean Paul, We've always been there for patients needs. Not once has a board member taking a dime for doing the things we do for the club. Its all about compassion and making sure our members are safe and know the laws. Only way we sustain our club is through these kinds of fundraisers. We do hold public monthly meetings to educate and help patients with either growing or how to safely secure meds and never charged to attend although we do accept donations.. Our club has survived with over 300 paid members yearly with just volunteers and great sponsors for over 3 years now.
  2. We still trying to find us a building for the farmers market. But do plan on the 4th annual Harvest Fest Celebration 'Sept 29, 2012 - noon - 8p . .more info here http://www.thc4u.com
  3. This was in my email and thought I'd share it. We need to let them know these bills do more harm then good. Please make it a point to take 5 minutes out of your day to make the call. Thanks again According to the MI Senate's daily calendar, there are many medical marijuana bills in the general order for reading starting THIS TUESDAY (you can read it yourself, if you don't believe it: http://www.legislatu...c-05-22-049.pdf) I have read through the agenda and pulled out all medical marijuana bills (saw 6 of them!), and a few other drug policy bills (the only good drug policy bill is a
  4. Well goodness gracious great balls of fire!! i do believe our first mission is to educate the public and that is what we do at MOCC every month. Zap, please delete this post, again I was not trying to offend anyone or their clubs. I may have done so and apologize these were not my intentions for the day. I know a lot of you work as hard as I do and some probably more but were not accomplishing anything with this post now. I really really thought it was a non confrontational post to be. Maybe we all can agree that we need better protection and not more rules from our legislator. So p
  5. Thanks Darkmatter. I should of just started a thread of who's right and who's right. I find it ironic that Mal tells us that they grab patients right up in their meetings and assign them caregivers. Where did their original caregiver get started at???? somebody broke the rules and started without following the guidlines. Was it you. That's why you call yourself compassionate? Again I repeat no where in the law does it tell you how to acquire medicine or seeds. Somebody eventually has to go into the alley to be the compassionate one for all! Is it you?
  6. This was no way of dividing anyone as I want unity just as bad as the next guy but not going to give up my beliefs in what I believe to be very compassionate. And to say the word dispensary with what we do is very wrong. We only provide safe networking. MOCC does not proved meds or plants to anyone. But we do provide a safe networked web for patients and caregivers alike. MOCC does not provide medical marijuana or plants at any meetings . I'll say it again MOCC does not provide medical marijuana or plants at any meetings ever. Do we provide a safe place outside the PUBLIC EYE for medical
  7. Well no since beating down a dead horse with regards who safe or not. Or which club is right . You seemed to highjacked my post Celliach that started us down that path with your second comment. I really only attended this for us to try and find clubs that were still operating since 2009 or new clubs that could be added to the list. I was wrong for posting and wouldn't have any problems with you all removing this post. This was not intended for who's doing what right. I'm sorry if anyone was offended by this post and I ment no harm.
  8. The problem is, there is not many because all your giving them is info. You provide them no compassion if they are sick or have a sick patient that is in need of medical marijuana. Just call em MMMA informatin centers.
  9. Ok, can I ask what the purpose of these clubs are then. Just information centers. Where's the compassion at?
  10. OK, I'll go on record to say MOCC was following the said code standard up until the parting ways of the original MMMA board. When it was apparent that MMMA was not going to be helping us with funding then we had to get creative. Hence a new adoption of Compassion Clubs were born because PATIENTS AND CAREGIVERS demanded it. As we can attest to the great success of the G3 CC. I again ask? . After they visit the 1st MMMA public meeting to know the what knots of Medcial Marijuana laws? Now where do they go safely to get started if they didn't get denial letter? What will MMMA have to offer th
  11. Again, after the public meeting and the newbie patient or caregiver wants to know how to get his grow going and how to secure meds, seeds and plants safely after waiting the 15 days where do they go? In a back ally, corner or abandon building? This is still the all mighty question that we all ask isn't it? Really we shouldn't have anyone growing cannabis plants in Michigan if this were true. But this really wasn't what the topic was about . Mainly how many compassion clubs from this list are still running that we know about.
  12. Thanks and the same to you Ron, A true warrior for the cause since day 1 you have been.
  13. Isn't this you chad, it was listed but under greater community ..Greater Detroit Area Compassion Clubs · Birmingham Compassion Club birminghamcompassion@gmail.com and on our website http://birminghamcom...on.blogspot.com
  14. I believe that was at public meetings but If you have them can you post them for shiats and giggles.. would be fun to see.
  15. Shouldn't the question be who is a TRUE COMPASSION CLUB THAT IS REGISTERED WITH THE STATE OF MICHIGAN AS A NON PROFIT LIKE THE MOCC is. We have operated safely within the guidelines for over 3 years now and have always been registered with the state as a non profit since 2009. Board members are not paid and only reimbursed for out of pocket expenses. We were one of the first clubs that were actually working with the MMMA at first signing up members under the MMMA name and giving them said monies for the MMMA membership. This was under the original MMMA Board. Like Doug (Brighton CC) said
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