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  2. Hit me up if you're interested, coming from the Paw Paw area.
  3. Any particular strains that you'd recommend?
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but. . . My cousin has been a rather unhealthy gal her entire life. Her main diagnosis has always been Fibromyalgia. A year or so ago, she had a blood clot problem, and almost died. Her symptoms are now as follows (copied from her email): Arthritis-like pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, shortness of breath and chest pain. My lungs and heart are structurally fine, so the md, pulmonologist, cardiologist and hematologist are at a loss as to why I still have the chest pain/shortness of breath 13 months after the major clots an
  5. I-94 west of Kalamazoo. I'm willing to deviate from the route a bit if need be,. Here
  6. Live in the Paw Paw area, looking to riders to Jackson to help with gas.
  7. I picked up a portable AC unit yesterday, and would like to vent it throw both my flower AND my veg room. Any ideas how to get the cold air into a vent? It has the usual (approximately) 12" by 12" grated vent on the front of the unit. Wondering if any of you professional cobblers have a recommendation for pushing that air into a piece of duct. Thanks. Les
  8. I'm totally new to growing, so I don't know much, but. . . I also use ProMix (BX) and the SensiGrow system. I've fed every single watering (by recommendation from a trusted grow buddy), and my plants have been healthy through every phase. Never any nute burn whatsoever. Are you adding anything else to the Sensi A/B??
  9. Awesome rant. Being totally new at growing, I get you. It's funny how easy it is to just say the words when you haven't actually tried to grow anything.
  10. Warning!!! Non MMJ-related comic. This comic is not serious. It does not represent the MMJ community! Some may be irritated that it is on this site! Those people need to lighten up!
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