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  1. What kind of results do you get with this? types of ailments does it help?
  2. who would have thought Grand Haven was cool
  3. I have never tried the dutch passion one but every dj short genetic I have had has been unreal
  4. those all are credible genetics, can't think of seed bank right now though
  5. anyone have the same experience. I am really trying to help the guy out.
  6. I am looking for some DJ short genetics, in particular, blueberry. If anyone can help me out, please let me know. I have a patient with Krohns and IBS and all that jazz. Says blueberry works great for him. Thanks.
  7. I think that if you do grow in a rental unit, you should take utmost care of the property. We need to set an example for the rest of the country here in MI. In CALI, people really frown upon grow houses, whether rental or homeowners, because they are so poorly taken care of.
  8. I live very close and will stay in touch if I hear anything. It will be interesting to see what Muskegon does. Hopefully, they embrace MMJ. There are no jobs here. I would like to get a little bigger and hire a tender to work with me. That's one job.
  9. spent some time up there this summer at the Beaver Island Music Festival. What a treat! Only one cop on the island I hear.
  10. I used budtrader with some great results. Check it out. budtrader.com
  11. Good advice. I was in kzoo on friday and the place you are talking about exists. When I had got there at 730 (they were supposed to be open till 8) I called and they said they were sold out and closed for the day. Super bummed. Oh well, I was looking forward to buying some edibles. Next time I am in the area I am definitely going to battle creek. I hear good things about that place.
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