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  1. Thanks for stopping in Bisharoo, GanjaWarrior, and DarkMatter too!
  2. i am having high hopes for these. Here they are still growing up to be good little cheesies:
  3. Here are the gals working hard to become big lovely ladies. In two of the pics i used a blue-grey circle to highlight small spots of almost a white color. May be minor nute burn. But they are otherwise healthy. To my eye, they are coming along nicely. I can see the way the "leaf teeth" are not perfectly aligned with the leaf veins. Makes me think there is a stronger chance i may eventually see the double serrated leaves. OCF1 OCF2 OCF3
  4. It ain't a thread, until Bish has blessed it! Thanks, Bish!
  5. in the bath i gave the seeds the first night, i put them in RO water with a drop of Clonex and a few drops of Humboldt Roots. Then, the next day they went in to the Rockwool with basically the same mixture. After those first 4-5 days, they got half strength nutes. Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks for stopping by, KingDiamond! Doc's gear rocks!
  7. well, with the first three beans, i tried the taproot up style, and i burned up 2 of them. The remaining one of them burned up in soil after getting transplanted. I am totally chalking this up to my fault. The germ rate on these beans is incredible. So, i threw three more in the drink, and the next day, they all germed in the drink. So, i popped them in to rockwool. a few days later i got the pic below. I will be transplanting this weekend.
  8. so the seed mat is hoppin, and the beans are a poppin! 2.5/3 so far. The third bean's taproot was pointing its way out of the shell, so i put it in to the rockwool with her sissies. what was amazing, is that these 2 seeds GERMINATED IN THE SHOT GLASS in under 24 hours!!!!
  9. I was fortunate enough to be gifted beans from Dr. Greenthumb to journal. This particular set is his "Original Cheese - Exodus Cut". Here is the description from the website - Unusual cheesy smell with deeply pungent earthy taste Uplifting high that lasts four hours Potency: 4 out of 5 Bouquet: Unusual cheesy smell Taste: Deep - Pungent - Earthy It flowers in 55-70 days, depending on preference and individual selection. I meant to get this journal out sooner, but some family illness has kept me from it. I also wanted to pop the beans with a seed mat, as this is
  10. yeah, i am excited about this one too.
  11. Great looking grow, KD! i had a sample of endless sky once. it had a really unique flavor to it.
  12. Nice work, Dr. Gruber! what's the flavor like on that?
  13. Where is a good spot to get cheap 55 Gallon drums that are safe for use as a rez?
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