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  1. Now that's Crispy. That chaps my donkey when that happens.
  2. It will only harm the plant if you let it persist. Your better off flushing more often if your Temps are high. It helps the water and the plants. But again, when flushing wipe everything down. If you are sloppy the bacteria will stay and continue to grow. Good flushing should take care of it for 2-3 months. Bad cases every 2-3 weeks until it's under control. Everyone has a different water temp. 60-65 is working for me. Some have water coolers that keep it in the 50's. You can also use frozen 2 liter bottles to help reduce the temps. They work well if you have a big reservoir. GL PS.. Do you have enough air flow to the pails? That is very important for water movement and oxygenation.
  3. Flush.. Flush... Flush.... Use clearX or comparable and reset. Be sure to wipe down the pails while flushing.
  4. See, I agree with the whole unloading to keep number's where they should. It's the law. But between CG and patient it should always be at a reduced cost. $20-$30.. doesn't matter. Again, this is my point of view. Any CG that is willing to make donations to a very worthy cause like the Cancer project, or anyone close that has a very serious ailment that could use the meds is a great "Personal Investment". But, once you open the Pandora's box of Freebies to patient's it's a hard recovery when there isn't any. I believe more CG's have been burned by this than CG's can say everything went back to normal. I have always been pro Care Givers Guild / Association. Like any other organization there should be Checks and Balances to keep members out of potential damaging situations which could result in loss of a patient and/or there CG.
  5. You may not know my pricing structure. I know a few well known C.G's on here that do. I can tell you they are very compassionate. Quality of meds varies all through out the plant. You know that. I surely do not have a problem with donations. I don't even think I have ever advertised for patients. Correct me if I'm wrong. Quality and Quantity mean everything in pricing. But this has nothing to do with price gouging which I think is what you are referring to. The reason for my post was to give new C.G's an alternative Idea to pricing other than the same old "Give it free, I deserve it" statement. Should it be free? Sure. But with all the fee's involved I don't think many of us are in the position to give freebies. I have followed you for years Jim. After all you have been through I'm glad you got a CG to get you through the hard times. There are many CG's that are looking out for patients best interests. But unfortunately it's not as many as there should be. P.s Hope your family's doing well!
  6. Got your PM, Wife is looking at the pic's. She's not the fastest as she like to think about the best way to repair. I will send you a PM back later today and go through your options.
  7. Once you grind off the end and have a flat surface to work with you can do what ever you want. We could cut a replacement or fuse one. All depends on how much you want to spend. I have a favorite bong also. It's about 30 years old when I got it. The only warning I will give you is that anyone who grinds off the bottom will create vibration. Any slight fracture in the piece already could take it out completely. Once it's smooth, create a bottom piece (plastic, Cut glass, or fused) and use E-6000 glass glue. That should take care of it with minimal imperfections. We don't do this for a living just a hobby so someone else might be your best bet if your looking for commercial quality repair.
  8. Do you need a glass blower or just repair? We can grind off the base and make a new one but you will not be able to blow a base and adhere it without damaging something else. My wife and I do hot glass fusing.
  9. I asked the same question 2 years ago. Has this been tested in court? I can see that nothing in the law prevents this but what would LEO think? I do not think you could explain it fast enough before he puts you in the back of his a car. I guess the "Arrest first ask questions later" works for just about everything we talk about.
  10. Your way better off discounting to 1/2 price than to give a buy one get one free. Price adjusting is a major part of this. You can always increase or decrease but getting out of the free commitment is a tough one. I can tell you if I grow a strain that yields 50% of a normal harvest price is going up. My utility's stay the same regardless if I yield anything...
  11. I think were all in the same boat with this. At first it looked like a great opportunity. Use an old skill to make some $$ on the side. Almost 2 years later it's become more of a hobby now. I understand people that want it for free but come on really. All that work and now no outlet for surplus? I hear some of us can grow exactly the proper amount every month without going over the patients needs. I bow to those people because that's an incredible task. There are way to many factor's involved to have that type of prediction especially if your moving new strains in. My business model is very simple. Nothing for free, low donation for my countless hour's of work. Once I get enough non med grade, I make oil's from that and those are donated to the people that need it the most. I will say this again, Caregivers need support groups too!
  12. I switched to a new grow room about 6 months ago. Air flow was a big problem at first. I learned to adapt. Changed flow on a weekly basis till things got comfortable. I pull air from a basement with a 30 Ft duct 8" in-line fan. Best thing I ever did. Basements tend to stay a constant temperature. Then all I have to do is supplement with extra A/C if things get really bad. They haven't so far thank God! As KD says Fans are your friend!
  13. This wouldn't happen to be in Pontiac would it? :/
  14. I love this. Long time technique you never here about. Science is everything, proving it works for yourself is priceless. I would love to try this with someone that is more experience in it than me. Leaves are over rated. lol
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