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    Rock city is on the list for sure! We have been to lookout mountain a few times, its an incredible view and full of history.
  2. Hempcheff


    Hello again!!! While its been a while since ive posted, i have been following the news in Michigan. We ended up moving to Chattanooga, i love it down here, got a job at Amazon, and have settled in fairly comfortably. I do miss my greens though, instead im on 5 different scripts for my ailments, although there is hope as Tennessee gov. is working on updating the medical program in the first session this year. fingers crossed! Either way, hello from the volunteer state!
  3. Soooooo why hasn't anyone figured out a way to get the power companies in on the action, and in the reform movements pocket? they stand to make buku :money: :money: :money: :money: with legalized cannabis! seeing as how growing outside is seasonal for a good part of the country, the potential for revenue has got to be staggering.
  4. As far as snow goes, here are the averages. I used to live in Parma, just outside Jackson. back in the early 90's and it was a struggling community then, i havent been back since though, so no current info as to the state of affairs. http://www.bestplaces.net/climate/county/michigan/jackson Climate CLIMATE OVERVIEW Jackson County, Michigan, gets 31 inches of rain per year. The US average is 37. Snowfall is 39 inches. The average US city gets 25 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 126. On average, there are 175 sunny days per year in
  5. Hempcheff


    So we may be relocating to the fine state of Tennessee and i was wondering if anyone had any current info on the state as far as cannabis goes? I see that they have a cbd only medical program , but any contact info or sites that might be involved with the legalization effort would be helpful. We will be in the Chattanooga area FYI. We are looking forward to the move, but i will miss my garden for sure! Ill stay on these boards though forever im sure
  6. Its an attempt to destroy any pro-cannabis support from non civilians.......
  7. Im curious as to where the stash of cannabis that is so vast that it can consistently maintain levels of THC to the point that the entire city is affected :bong7bp: :bong2: seems most likely that the tests are bad
  8. sounds like a ploy to get people to invest in space outside their home.... "Reasons and Strategies for Getting Your Grow Out of Your Home" I bet they know just where to lease space.... :money: :money: :money:
  9. "It’s not immediately clear what counties would be selected for the program, and state police did not respond Friday to a request for comment. The legislation requires that a participating county must have at least one law enforcement agency with a certified drug recognition expert. As of late 2015, Michigan had 84 specially trained officers working in various agencies who were trained to identify physical signs of impairment during roadside stops. Under the new program, those officers would carry a swab-based detection kit with them. The program would costs state police roughly $30,000, acc
  10. i wonder how long the non cannabis users will put up with getting swabbed ....
  11. i recently cloned a Greenhouse seeds Super lemon haze after she was done stretching and started stacking flowers, about 4 weeks into flower (including ~ 2 wk. stretch). this wasnt my first time doing it, although a big budda bluecheese was the first strain i had success with. ill get some picks of it as soon as i can. in both cases they revegged after about 2 weeks in a dome and looked forever like they was on a bad PH trip, kinda reminds me of fear and loathing... with 1, 2, ...5, and 6 bladed leaves all over, whorl, curl, funky shaped fiddlehead fern looking leaves. after leaving it under a
  12. Then it depends on if the patient is a caregiver as well, and has posession rights to 12 plants
  13. nope, yours showed up so its working here. check the settings on the left pane
  14. Really took a chunk out of the supply base there, didnt they ...goin after the big boys! another potential 1300# off the street, with an estimated value of the plants... $233 million (satirical)
  15. Here is a case where a strain works for one and not another! I love the SLH and keep it in as many cycles as possible. The SLH is the "one" for me so to speak. I spent a small fortune on seeds as well when i started, but the SLH was the one that fit me best. On a side note, Blue Dream itself doesn't carry much weight with me, but i am a fan of the "Blue" line of genetics.
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