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  1. I hear ya. I use the da buddha vaporizor with a nail attachment. No torch required. I use a really long tube attached to the wand and then a frozen glycerin mouth piece that I keep in the freezer. Even then it can be harsh sometimes. I just dab a little bit at a time. But if I really want it cooled down I can attach a bong to the end and that usually does the trick. If you don't want all that gear you can also consume it in an e-cigarette if you melt it and combine with PEG or PG.
  2. I should have put ratios in the original post. 1/4 Physan to 3/4 water is way too concentrated. I only had to do it once as I have never had a cyanobacteria problem since using the tea, but I think I used around 20ml of Physan to 4 gallons of water. It's very strong. As for the tea not preventing the slime, I assume you did not inoculate early enough. You have to use it right from the beginning of a grow. Just like with good soil, you want a thriving colony of beneficials before you even put a plant in the system.
  3. The idea is to thoroughly get rid of as much slime as you can before doing the tea treatment. Put your plants in temporary buckets and scrub your entire system. Dump the water and take apart pumps, air hoses, air stones, and buckets and bleach everything. Scrub off any slime that sticks to the sides of your buckets or net pots. If your roots are really bad I recommend letting them soak in Physan-20 and water for 24 hours. Spray them down with a spray bottle to physically remove the slime. You need to get rid of as much as you can. The tea is primarily a preventative and it cannot magically cle
  4. I agree with Grow Goddess that your best buds make the best oil. Strain preference is usually up to personal choice. I have made good oil out of both indicas and sativas. I use winterized BHO but QWET and QWISO work great as well. Thanks to GG's suggestion I picked up a Griffin RTA. I love it. There was a slight learning curve in building my own coil but it's totally worth it. I've never experienced such smooth and flavor-filled hits. I will also do a quick review of Aspire Nautilus Mini. I like this tank because it's small (2ml) and cheap ($14). I've been using it for a few weeks and
  5. Been there. I don't trade plants anymore. But I can still get mites if I'm not careful. What I do: Destroy the plants with the most mites if not all of the plants. It depends on how much is invested in the grow and if they are priceless mothers or just clones. Take clean cuttings and reclone everything. If spotted in veg it's much easier to deal with. In flower you really can't do much. I would cut off all of the buds and leaves that have the mites and just consider them lost. Spraying with water will slow them down but can increase the odds of getting botrytis. Raising the humidit
  6. I love the Down to Earth products. They're fairly inexpensive, vegan, and as you said, aren't hard to find. I also make a foliar tea out of their alfalfa meal that the plants love. It really helped the greenhouse plants deal with transplant shock. I should mention that I also always add compost tea to my soils as well. Those beneficial bacteria will increase your yields and prevent root rot.
  7. I thought I would review a couple of products I have tried lately. The HorizonTech Sub Ohm Arctic Tank. I bought two of these tanks for one obvious reason. The price. At around $14 it was too good to pass up. It got decent reviews on YouTube so I tried it. I give this tank a 2/5 or D rating. My first tank had a strange feature I have not seen in other tanks and that is a hole in the glass so one can refill it without taking it apart. Good idea, but drilling a hole in a piece of glass is great way to start a crack. And crack it did. Then I tried the normal tank that you see abov
  8. I use both perlite and vermiculite. Just make sure you put on a respirator, surgical mask, or bandanna when mixing. They both create a lot of unhealthy dust. I want the water retention of vermiculite simply because it means I have to water less often. The primary benefit of perlite is that it let's air into the root zone. My greenhouse mix for the summer was first a layer of compost from my compost pile. Then I added two bales of peat along with several cups of dolemite lime. Epsom salts also work. This is a necessity when using peat. Then two big bags of perlite and vermiculite. As soon
  9. There are a few ways to correct the problem as you guys mentioned. I was thinking more of the cell phone photographer who just wants to snap a few pics to ask for grow advice. Turning off the light and using the flash is the way I used to do it. For LED lights I use another set of glasses, which basically just apply a green filter. They also darken the photo a bit so you have to adjust for that. The ones I use in my seedling/clone room are Grow1 GRUVE LED Glasses that cost $25 on Amazon.
  10. Sorry I'm a bit late to this thread, but here are my two cents. DWC is very popular here especially when bubblegrower was on this site. It's easy and the yields are huge. I would recommend this method to a new grower, but with some caveats. Firstly, an essential ingredient is compost tea. At some point you are going to get hit with cyanobacteria. It will appear as a snotty slime in your res and on your roots. It will suffocate and kill your babies. Prevention is the best medicine and beneficial bacteria will do that for you. The bennies will also help your roots absorb nutes and make for
  11. Doesn't it suck when you have a room full of beautiful plants and you want to capture them forever in a photo, but because of HPS lighting all you get is a washed out yellow mess? I see photos like that all the time so I thought I would share a cheap and easy way to improve your photos. You can buy expensive filters for your camera that go for over $100, but most people want to put that money into their grow instead. I had been using anti-UV glasses from Apollo Horticulture ($15 on Amazon) for about a week and they really reduce eye strain. I just held one of the lenses in front of my came
  12. It's a nice stinky strain that's easy to grow but the high isn't very powerful. I didn't detect much of the UK cheese in it.
  13. Thank you for all the of great reviews and info! It seems like serious vapers like RBAs and RDAs for the flavor. I only vape ecannabis and haven't been adding flavoring lately, just winterized BHO and an equal amount of PEG. It just mixes so beautifully with oil. It's not as fun at PG or VG to vape though. PEG does offer bigger clouds than PG at least. I have to drink water between hits though as it's pretty harsh. I have two sub ohm tanks, several batteries, and a couple of years worth of coils. I should probably buy more if this hideous anti-American b.s. becomes law.
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