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  1. Yeah, just a feeling but Phil69 sure does sounds like grassmatch or what ever he changed his name to. At very least he has some affiliation with that site. Haha, nice try dude. You are not just a random guy defending that site after everything that was just brought up
  2. Are those strains from known cuts that you have tried or are you popping seeds? Only reason I ask is I haven't seen a northern lights plant that was worth a darn in really ever. When I first started growing I was all about trying to get a good northern lights plant and struck out every time. Not saying that there aren't nice ones to be found but if you're popping seeds IMO I wouldn't waste my time. I did have a nice pineapple express plant years ago that was really nice tho. Good luck ☺
  3. I've had some light leaks off and on. Natural sun light and HID light at times,can't say I've ever seen seeds from it, with at least 30 different strains. just my personal experience but its not something I get concerned with much anymore. Its kind of how I feel about pH. Don't remember the last time I checked or really cared about it with zero negative effect. Maybe I've just been lucky ☺ just my personal experience
  4. Easiest Lucas formula. A few choices to pick from. The cheapest is maxibloom. Can grow great plant very cheap without a bunch of bottles and not much work. I've seen some people growing organic in beds that say it's the cheapest way to do it. I remember Gu on another forum putting out a guide on how to grow organic and think he claimed it worked out to $25 per Oz he was producing. Also if your after the most for the money, I'd say pack as many in there as you can. Make sure the entire light footprint is packed in colas ☺
  5. Don't let them bring you down Norby/ANHEMP. I enjoy reading your posts. Good to hear both sides ☺ just for the record, I knew that was you a few weeks back when I kept seeing teh in your posts.????
  6. I still love me some Glue. had her for a few years now and have no intentions on losing her anytime soon. I would say it is my patients top requested strain.
  7. Yeah, no way they sell Oz for 140. Maybe if it's not very good. I'm thinking for top shelf quality, 250+. sure they advertise 140 but only for the bait and switch garbage. JMIO
  8. I have a couple plants that will do that and seen it in alot of others do it too, mostly chem crosses. I think every OG kush I've ever grown does it. Its not TMV. I wouldn't even worry about it unless it keeps getting worse.
  9. You'll want 6000btu per 1000w uncooled, 4000btu per 1000w for cooled lights. I think you will need to use a heat source in the winter.
  10. Also look up seedpac. They are all over MI. Think they can help you find all of those too.
  11. No they don't copy or keep any records, at least last time I was there they didnt. You have to be early to have a shot at what you want. Its first come first serve. Usually they have a line forming outside a hour before they open.
  12. What I think when I see people say "all lives matter" to black lives matter supporters, Yes, of course all lives matter but you're missing the point. Its a slogan for a specific cause. Its like showing up to a breast cancer rally screaming, "what about testicular cancer, testicular cancer matters." Yeah, no bunny muffin, but that's not the cause we are trying to bring awareness to today.
  13. Yeah, this section is for DGT in Canada. I believe the seeds you have are from Dr. Greenthumb aka B Real from cypress hill. I have grown rezs 4SD, chem 4 x sour diesel. It was a very nice strain. Super potent, tasted awesome, yield was great too. Only reason I let it go was I had to many diesel stains at the time and had to make room for the new. It was a keeper in most peoples book. Good luck, sounds like a nice strain to try out.
  14. Two different Dr. Greenthumbs. One is in cali the other Canada.
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