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  1. AmishRnot4ganja

    Uruguay's lessons on marijuana legalization

    When all is said and done, the world will realize that cannabis should never have been criminalized in the first place and that it should be allowed to grow wild wherever and whenever it wants.
  2. AmishRnot4ganja

    Plants with 3 leaves

    Giving the plants 6 hours of darkness in the veg cycle allows them to rest like they do in the " natural" cycle when grown outdoors. I assume that complete darkness is best, but some people say that a small amount of light (like moonlight) doesn't affect them. Makes sense. I saw a picture once that showed a plant that was grown in the area of a security light. The plant put on flowers on the dark side, but didn't flower on the side exposed to the security light. Weird or what.
  3. AmishRnot4ganja

    Plants with 3 leaves

    Boy, do I ever agree to this statement. The only seeds I have ever popped and gotten identical plants from all the seeds was Buddha Tahoe. All the others produced plants that are markedly different from each other. I get sativa looking plants from seeds that are "mostly indica" and indica looking plants from seeds that are "mostly sativa". Indica looking plants that produce the "up high" and vice versa. It's the Forrest Gump rule when buying seeds: It's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. Have to admit that it is fun though.
  4. AmishRnot4ganja

    America’s Warriors are Victims of the Opioid Epidemic

    This demonstrates that the enforcement of debt repayment takes precedence over "honoring the service" of our uniformed troops. Hoodah thunk it?
  5. AmishRnot4ganja

    MI approves legalization proposal for the ballot

    That is really kind of weird considering that adults don't have to lock up their liquor or pain pills. WTF?
  6. AmishRnot4ganja

    Plants with 3 leaves

    Why buy clones on craigslist when you can get what you want from seed dealers on the internet? Craigslist is a big gamble. Grow out what you have then order some seeds. Buy some cup winners and you can't go wrong. I have always used the 18/6 light cycle and haven't had any problems.
  7. And still the Federal Govt. will not acknowledge that MMJ has medical uses. Sad...
  8. AmishRnot4ganja

    MI approves legalization proposal for the ballot

  9. AmishRnot4ganja

    John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm’s Advisory

    Hallelujah. The dam has broken. The cathartic waters of legalization will soon be flowing throughout the United States and the world. It looks like the writing is on the wall. And I hope the FKNREPUBLICANS drown in it.
  10. Looks more like botrytis to me.
  11. AmishRnot4ganja

    Bud porn !

    Name and breeder?
  12. ", it’s got a bar code or scantron on it and police can determine from that scantron, where it’s been grown, who transported it, where it was tested, where it was refined, " Whoa! Just a minute there Mr. Callton. I produce my own medicine and from what I understand it will remain legal for me to continue to produce my own medicine. My medicine will not have any bar codes on it. Is this just more deliberate ignorance on the part of lawmakers and law enforcers? Also, what will prevent a person from keeping their store bought vial and refilling it with black market cannabis? The lengths that the anti-cannabis crowd has gone to to thwart cannabis acceptance is truly laughable and pitiful at the same time.
  13. AmishRnot4ganja

    Clone Distributor

    Like every other "easy money" scheme, as soon as word gets out every body jumps in and very soon clones will sell for $2 apiece. Maybe even $1.
  14. AmishRnot4ganja

    If my spouse is my caregiver can I be in room?

    Note the use of the word "a" vs. "the" in describing who may be in a grow room.
  15. AmishRnot4ganja

    Where can I find low dose "micro dose" edibles in MI?

    Is there a nasal spray out there? Just curious because it seems like that might be a good method of ingestion. Or maybe a snuff like material for snorting. Snuff was real popular in the past.