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I left the Amish community 2 years ago. I learned about "The World" and decided that the Amish way of life was not for me. Their restrictions are too much for me to understand. I admire their self sufficiency, but that can be accomplished without all the religious restrictions. It works for them. It doesn't work for me. Their self imposed ignorance keeps everyone in line, but anyone with even a smidge of curiosity quickly sees through the curtain they have drawn. The outside world is an unforgiving, difficult place filled with evil. The Amish community has its problems as well. Hand to hand combat with the devil in the "Outer World" is preferable to me.


Ok. All of this is bull schit. I wanted to remain really anonymous when I joined this site so I made up a person. I kinda figured people would see a bit of humor in this profile because, when you think about it, there is a 90% chance that I couldn't be Amish due to the fact that Amish people don't have electricity and therefore couldn't know how to use a computer.


I decided on using an Amish identity because the Amish are a symbol of how I would like to see the Republican, Conservative, Religious Right live their lives. Either STFU or go and become Amish.   

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