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  1. A card is only needed if you wish to avoid arrest and prosecution for using marijuana. I have only had to use my card once in the past 10 years, but boy am I glad I had it at that point! It is worth it to me for the peace of mind that it provides. If you do not fear the police then you don't need one. If you grow your own I would say that having a card is mandatory . Growing is a whole lot different than using.
  2. Seriously, with one 400 watt light you can produce a minimum of 4 ounces every 4 months. If you add a 4 bulb T-5 fixture to veg under, you can produce 4 ounces every 8-10 weeks. That is based on putting four plants under each light and using the t5 for veg and the 400 watt for flowering. Use two gallon pots and a good soil mixture (like Pro Mix) along with good nutes and it isn't all that expensive to produce quality meds. If your living situation makes it impossible to grow, then your only hope unfortunately is to find a good caregiver.
  3. If you want free meds, your best bet is to grow it yourself. Small time caregivers (like me) don't physically have the capacity (grow room space) to grow the number of plants that they are legally able to grow. So, although I have the legal ability to grow 48 plants, I only have room to accommodate 24 ( 8 mother's, 8 in veg, and 8 in flower) plants. Even though a your caregiver posseses 12 plants for you, that doesn't mean that they are able to grow all of them at the same time. Some caregivers are able to grow the maximum number and sell some of the product from YOUR plants. These caregivers
  4. I imagine we will see more of these "studies" as we get closer to the November election.
  5. You are going to have to experiment with dosage and strain. Get an indica and a sativa and try each one separately. Consume each to the point where your pain decreases. It might take a lot. You can also blend sativa flower with indica flower to make your own mixture. Be careful with edibles. If you overdo it you will remember it. Start with small doses until you find your tolerance zone. Not so much with vaping/smoking.
  6. A lot if cannabis's effects are strain dependent and strains affect different people in different ways. One person's holy grail can be another person's nightmare. This whole landscape is going to change drastically after legalization. Researchers are going to create amazing compounds from cannabis and big agriculture is going to create awesome strains - I hope. Until then it is a shot in the dark for you to find a strain that works.
  7. Yeah. I do not spray flowering plants after they have begun developing buds (3-4 weeks into flower cycle). Best thing you can do at that point is to use some organic, non-toxic treatment on the flowering plants and spray any other plants with Azamax. I don't know of any organic, non-toxic methods, but I would think that the internet would be replete with them.
  8. I am a caregiver for people who use cannabis to help them deal with pain. None of them uses cannabis as a primary pain medication. Some use opioids, some use over the counter meds, and one uses beer in conjunction with cannabis to control pain. For these people, cannabis elevates their mood and helps them deal with the depression that accompanies chronic pain. They say that it also seems to add some punch to pain meds. However, all of them agree that cannabis alone is not enough to eliminate their pain. They all prefer sativa strains. They all consume it by smoking the dried flowers.
  9. Azamax has always worked for me. If I see mites on one plant I spray ALL my plants. I soak the plants well making sure to spray the underside of the leaves. Repeat in ten days to get rid of new hatchlings. I haven't seen mites for about two years now. (Knock on wood)
  10. The only thing that has ever worked for me is Eagle 20 EW by Dow. I spray it once when the plants are babies. I have not seen powdery mildew since using it the first time years ago.
  11. This is laughable. It sounds like something you would see put out by The Onion. No one can avoid having wet marijuana at some point in the process. Besides, who says you can't use wet marijuana. People do it, therefore it is usable when wet. Is this story for real? Edit: Oh I get it now. I spoke too soon. The court is saying that you can either count wet marijuana as usable when calculating weight or that the marijuana must be dry to be weighed and counted as usable. You can't have it both ways. They want to be able to count wet marijuana in the weight limits. They are frustrated
  12. The key word in that law is "transfer". You can't transfer marijuana to anyone unless you are the caregiver connected to the recipient through the registration process. Transferring is giving, selling, handing to, passing off to...basically any method that involves the marijuana leaving your hand and directly ending up in the hands of the recipient. Maybe (hopefully) all this ridiculousness will end this November.
  13. The form that I was presented with asked if I used "illegal drugs". In my opinion marijuana isn't an "illegal drug" in Michigan. The last time I applied for a pistol permit was over 10 years ago so maybe the form has been changed since then?
  14. Mites produce small white dots on the leaves. They can be easily seen with a 30x microscope and easily treated with Azamax.
  15. Those leaves look awfully dark. Starting with a diagnosis of over fertilization seems to be a good place to start. Flush them and reduce nutes.
  16. Still a terrible miscarriage of justice that a defendant can't have the government pay their legal fees if they win the case. A law making the government responsible for defendants legal fees if the government lost would perhaps make the government think twice before charging someone with a crime.
  17. When all is said and done, the world will realize that cannabis should never have been criminalized in the first place and that it should be allowed to grow wild wherever and whenever it wants.
  18. Giving the plants 6 hours of darkness in the veg cycle allows them to rest like they do in the " natural" cycle when grown outdoors. I assume that complete darkness is best, but some people say that a small amount of light (like moonlight) doesn't affect them. Makes sense. I saw a picture once that showed a plant that was grown in the area of a security light. The plant put on flowers on the dark side, but didn't flower on the side exposed to the security light. Weird or what.
  19. Boy, do I ever agree to this statement. The only seeds I have ever popped and gotten identical plants from all the seeds was Buddha Tahoe. All the others produced plants that are markedly different from each other. I get sativa looking plants from seeds that are "mostly indica" and indica looking plants from seeds that are "mostly sativa". Indica looking plants that produce the "up high" and vice versa. It's the Forrest Gump rule when buying seeds: It's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. Have to admit that it is fun though.
  20. This demonstrates that the enforcement of debt repayment takes precedence over "honoring the service" of our uniformed troops. Hoodah thunk it?
  21. That is really kind of weird considering that adults don't have to lock up their liquor or pain pills. WTF?
  22. Why buy clones on craigslist when you can get what you want from seed dealers on the internet? Craigslist is a big gamble. Grow out what you have then order some seeds. Buy some cup winners and you can't go wrong. I have always used the 18/6 light cycle and haven't had any problems.
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