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  1. And still the Federal Govt. will not acknowledge that MMJ has medical uses. Sad...
  2. Hallelujah. The dam has broken. The cathartic waters of legalization will soon be flowing throughout the United States and the world. It looks like the writing is on the wall. And I hope the FKNREPUBLICANS drown in it.
  3. ", it’s got a bar code or scantron on it and police can determine from that scantron, where it’s been grown, who transported it, where it was tested, where it was refined, " Whoa! Just a minute there Mr. Callton. I produce my own medicine and from what I understand it will remain legal for me to continue to produce my own medicine. My medicine will not have any bar codes on it. Is this just more deliberate ignorance on the part of lawmakers and law enforcers? Also, what will prevent a person from keeping their store bought vial and refilling it with black market cannabis? T
  4. Like every other "easy money" scheme, as soon as word gets out every body jumps in and very soon clones will sell for $2 apiece. Maybe even $1.
  5. Note the use of the word "a" vs. "the" in describing who may be in a grow room.
  6. Is there a nasal spray out there? Just curious because it seems like that might be a good method of ingestion. Or maybe a snuff like material for snorting. Snuff was real popular in the past.
  7. Seems like so far all the research they've done points to the conclusion that no extract can match the medical effects of the whole plant. When Monsanto starts producing their own cannabis strains that accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives then we are going to have access to some truly amazing medicine. Medicine that even curmudgeonly old Jeff Sessions might embrace.
  8. That depends. Are you currently using or abusing a controlled substance? If your answer is "yes" then you cannot purchase a gun. But, then again, that same question would be asked even if you still had a MM license. Just having a MM license isn't necessarily an admission that you use MM. You may have stopped using it. I don't think you HAVE to use MM just because you have a license. If you ever get tested you could claim that some patients were using in your presence and you probably inhaled some secondary smoke. I don't think that the "authorities" check the MM registry for gun license cleara
  9. Get your wife's status changed so that she can possess plants. If you aren't a caregiver or a patient you cannot have anything to do with her cannabis. However, who is ever going to know what you do in the privacy of your own home if you keep quiet about it?
  10. Bottom line here: Who in the heck is going to know if you go into the room, touch the plants (oh no!!), or whatever else you do in your house? I believe that the law says a patient can be in the caregivers grow room and... CAN ACTUALLY TOUCH THE PLANTS! How absurd. You can smoke the stuff, eat the stuff, fill your bathtub up with it and roll around in it, but you can't be in the presence of a live, growing plant? WTF? Absurd...
  11. Ignorance about the use of cannabis has caused and is causing politicians to have unreal expectations regarding its legalization. Listening to current users could save them a lot of disappointment further down the line, but unfortunately they have been suspicious of STOOONERS for quite a while. Oh well...
  12. Wonder when they will stop drug testing for pot. Are people still fired for testing positive in legal states?
  13. The Republican Party has lost their collective mind. It had to happen. Emotion and religion has run smack up against reason and logic. Reason and logic appear to be winning in the Great Cannabis War. Let's see if they win in the next election cycle.
  14. Save the owls! Make growing legal!
  15. Misguided and uninformed might be a better description. He is just operating on debunked ideas that have been prevalent in the US for half a century. I can't blame him for a point of view that has been promoted for decades. Give him time. He will eventually come around to enlightenment. We have to understand that he, and millions like him, have never experienced marijuana. Everything they know about marijuana comes from false statements promulgated by special interests who did not have the best interests of society in mind. They thought they were doing the right thing, but they never understo
  16. OMG. I wonder what "corrective action" (punishment) the Nebraska courts will mete out to this octogenarian couple. I mean really... come on. I do like their spunk though.
  17. There is the "Section 8" defense for unregistered patients. Don't know how well those work. Having your card before you go to court certainly wouldn't hurt. Don't know how much it would help though. Make sure you aggressively pursue your right to a jury trial. Don't take no for an answer. If you get a court appointed lawyer, don't let him slough you off. The judge can replace him at your request if he doesn't defend you to the utmost of his ability (or hers). Hang in there and play the game until they get tired enough of you to drop the case. You think I'm kidding. I'm not. You
  18. Seems like common sense would prevail in these disputes. That is, that in order for a person's assets to be taken, they would have to be determined to be guilty of the crime they are charged with. Turning our constitution on its head. No longer are we innocent until proven guilty. We are now guilty until proven innocent and even then they get to legally steal our property. Fascist phuck heads. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that people vote to ok this stuff. WTF are they thinking?
  19. Re: stinky weed I just grew a plant (THSeeds Wreckage) that had zero smell - growing and cured. I have never seen another plant like it. Very unusual. I didn't keep it because I like stinky plants. I have to agree with others on here - growing for yourself is the way to go and it isn't difficult once you get things dialed in.
  20. I believe CBD attenuates (regulates) the effects of THC. It takes the edge off the consciousness altering effects of THC. It adds a calming effect to the otherwise spaciness of THC so you may want to look for a strain that has a close to equal amount of THC and CBD. I don't know if such a plant exists.
  21. You are so right. The writers of this article, and people of their ilk, are the ones who come across as drug addled paranoiacs. Maybe what these people need is to either try the stuff or shut up about something of which they have little knowledge.
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