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  1. Green-Nubie

    caregiver & rec plant count

    I'm sorry if this has brought up before, trying to find out how the new rec law effects a caregivers plant count. Like is it ok for a caregiver to have his normal numbers and be allowed to grow another 12 per household? And does this extra 12 need to be separated from plants being grown for patients if the caregiver is only one tending them?
  2. Green-Nubie

    Ventilation Assistance

    king with duel 1000's you better have atleast a 6'' intake fan and a 8'' into thoes hoods. I have the same hoods now, and it works great on a 12 by 12 with same setup. And run your lights at night so that u suck cool nite time air when the lights are on. always suck the air in from lowest source and blow it out high.. rule of thumb.
  4. Green-Nubie

    Dr Greenthumbs Bubba X Og

    King this looks like another one i may have to track down . That katsu cut is great but lacks the size.. (for me anyway)
  5. Green-Nubie

    Good Luck! Mega Millions!

    That would be great. One of us winning, and having the bank roll to take on the state. Hell with that much coin the feds.... Then I woke up, duuuuu..........
  6. Green-Nubie

    Spider Mites In Soil?

    Believe it or not praying mantises do great at killing mites and alot of other pests.. but they are only good for mites when they are small (fresh hatch).. and they are kinda cool after they get bigger.. Once they are bigger i let them outside and start another nest.. They dont kill them selfs on the lights or fans.. and they like to stay put on the plants..
  7. Green-Nubie

    Michigan Drivers Face Insurance Rate Hike

    Or just be done with michigan all together... This may be the straw that broke the camels back.. Hell all the good things in this state have went to crap.. Why not leave, is my thought.
  8. Green-Nubie

    [TUTORIAL] Kill Hydro Slime w/ Compost Tea

    Peroxide gives u nasty tasting meds.. At least that was my experience.. Good bacteria enables the plant to uptake more nute and deal with stress a lot better. Plus the meds taste great.
  9. Green-Nubie

    [TUTORIAL] Kill Hydro Slime w/ Compost Tea

    I prefer just hygrozyme and companion... The companion is the good bacteria, the hygrozyme is the supercharger for the bacteria.. simple..
  10. Green-Nubie

    American Weed

    I can only wish we could have green houses Like that. So much cheaper than 600$ electric bills.
  11. Green-Nubie

    Windows 8

    Well iv had a few days to test this new windows 8, and i have to say like all new platforms its a little glitchy. But it is much faster for surfing and i can multitask alot better and faster now. Its just kinda diif with the main screen being like a xbox. But over all im happy... Only thing that sucked is i had to upgrade my Microsoft word to the new edition the old one didn't work.
  12. Green-Nubie

    Mmj In Lincoln Park Mi

    We the paitents need to be able to provide for ourselfs with no restrictions. Plain and simple.
  13. Green-Nubie

    Mmj In Lincoln Park Mi

    Oh ya that's just great, screw that and screw them... More ways for them to charge us fees and charge us with crimes.... I knew this would happen, pandoras box I'm telling u.
  14. Green-Nubie

    Thanks Joe And Mike........

    I just had a chance to watch the video of the hearings, I cant thank everybody that spoke enough for there actions and the presentations. Great job folks.