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  1. The article didn't say whether or not he had his paperwork, it only mentioned the lack a card. " State police said a motorist in Clare County said he had medical marijuana in his pickup truck during a traffic stop Saturday night, but he didn’t have the required state-issued card allowing him to possess the pot." “He advised us he had medical marijuana, but he had no card,” “He had filled out all the paperwork but he hadn’t been approved yet, so technically he had the marijuana illegally,”
  2. If vegging under floros or CFLs, I'd go with 24 hours, HID lights 18.
  3. I'm not able to get you any of the listed meds.. but this link may help ya out. http://herbalelementsinc.com/products.php that's to Herbal Elements in Traverse City. They test strains state wide and usually have the the collective / disp listed for each strain
  4. S_C

    Bubble Gum 06/21

  5. 3 out of the 5 in our van won at the raffle! A great time with great people! Thanks CCCC for having us! I hope to see more of the same!
  6. I live in a very small northern Michigan village, that currently has a 6 month ban on mmj related businesses. The village is trying to come up with an ordinance but are having a hard time of it Does anyone know of any small towns/villages that have set an ordinance in place? I would like to give the council here a few examples to work off of. Thanks!
  7. Very nice post! Having an open mind and being able to look at the whole picture, seeing how what you say/ do / want, would effect others, is.. well just great.
  8. What light is she under? Does the lower foliage get sufficient light? How often do you water / feed? Is the soil constantly damp, or is it dry between waters? Is there good air circulation around the plant? As already mentioned, low ph could also be the issue. In my personal experience, low ph lockout will cause the leaves to fold in, or curl in on themselves, along with leaf discoloration similar to the pics you posted.
  9. LOL, I originally typed 4, then scrolled down to double check what i had listed... and thought I saw 5.. Some of the best herb I've seen, has been from hometown strains!
  10. Indeed. I did not mean to imply that such a strain is easy to come by, or even that a strain must meet the 5 characteristics i listed for me to consider great. The things i listed where just some examples.. I'm basically looking for some well rounded, stable genetics.. If I happen to come across an elite strain, that is everything i could want in to be..... well
  11. Howdy folks, I'm trying to find a source for a couple GREAT strains. I've grown strains from reputable seed banks (sensi seeds, GH.. etc) and i've purchased clones from clubs, but I have not found anything i consider GREAT. None of them are ..bad. But each always seems to lack in one area or another (yield, potency, vigor, bud density..) I know the genetics are out there.. But I decided to turn here for some insight before I waste time and money on something that wont live up to my hopes.. So where they hiding at? any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm far from
  12. I got my renewal card in under 3 weeks. My old ones exp date is 4/20, went to the docs for my re-cert on March 8th, mailed the packet out the next day. On March 25th I received my renewal card, along with 3 of my caregiver cards i have been waiting for (one for near 7 months..) Was kind of like Christmas opening the mail that day.
  13. Wow, great info! Do you have a link to where I could find some more material relating to the "full apical dominance scheme of the marijuana plant "? I've never heard of.. basically everything you said.. lol. I'm very interested and would love some more to read on it. thanks
  14. I don't use Clonex, I use Olivia's. But i seem to be going through the same troubles... My cloning was 90-100%, now I'm losing half of them and the ones that do make it, are taking twice as they normally do to root
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