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  1. I have grown dutch passion kind multiple times. It is very strong plant and easy to get big yields with. High is also very strong and a decent amount of crystals.
  2. Save money on your electrical bill and scale down your grow. If i think i may be endanger of going over i just make what i got up into hash and go from there.
  3. I would say that it is certainly worth a shot. It does cost some money to get certified and then license fee for the state. If possible get your hands on some and give it a try. It certainly cant hurt. Good luck.
  4. do people know how to spot bad cannabis? Maybe someone can post pictures of moldy or mildew cannabis for those that havnt seen it? Not to hard once you have seen it.
  5. I bought it cause i got worried about losing my data lol. Its worth the 15 bucks though and have appreciated the four months of free use.
  6. Any chance at a new code before the first?
  7. BG, do you get the medical marijuana card discount when you order online?
  8. I think you have pretty much thought of everything already so not sure what i could even suggest. I dont often grow auto flowers but popped a freebie a few months back and noticed that there wasnt a special function for that but not sure if that is even needed. All i did was to put it down as flowering right away and put in sixty days to flower. Anyways i love this program!
  9. I dont think there is really anything you have not already thought of! This is a great program for sure. I did notice that it doesnt really have a feature to deal with auto flowers but not sure if there is really a need for that. I dont grow many auto's but popped a freebie a few months back. All i did to deal with it was to just change it to flowering right away and put it down for sixty days flowering. Anyways thanks a lot of the program!
  10. If you totally enclose the box/room and put a lock on the door you have a locked facility. As long as you cant remove the walls from the outside without using power tools then i think your safe if built well and sturdy. Another option would be a tent but if you have the skills and resources to make your own room i would go that way. That does bring up an interesting question though. Does a tent need to be behind a locked door since you could just cut through it with any knife to get in?
  11. Was really a case that Couldnt be won. For one michigan is an at will employer state and secondly this was in federal court which doesnt recognize medical marijuana.
  12. This case is about more than just medical marijauna. Its about the will of the people being stronger than anyone or anything. I believe the cat is out of the bag on medical marijuana. As more people come to realize that it is nothing dangerous that poses a risk to our communities, the more foolish the opponents arugements will become. We can't forget though that our battle is a two front one. Big business and the greedy will try and profit from this plant. They will try and controll the supply in order to create scarcity because scarcity equals more profit. We have the sun and seed to c
  13. Marijuana leads to heroin? lol thats like saying riding a bicycle as a child leads to riding a motorcycle as an adult. What is stoping the defense attorny from asking, "are you a medical marijuana patient?" Any ruling that this court makes will never be upheld by any appeals court. Hopefully the media will be there when the ruling is over turned in appeals court and then hopefully point out how stupid that judge is. I doubt judges like to see their rulings over turned. Especially when its covered by the media. MMMA really needs media support to point out these injustices or judges like th
  14. If you already have the program where do you input the new code?
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