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  1. Michigan did not make the ballot either. ended up with 45,000. thanks for all the support from the MMMA.
  2. DO NOT ever refuse a road side test for impaired driving,refusal is automatic suspension of your license, for a year. now u have 2 cases 1 for suspended license and 1 for impaired. even if they find u impaired,during testing u only lose your drivers license for 45 days.leo can get a warrant for a bood draw with a simple phone call on there way taking u to the hospital,before they take u to jail.
  3. A 2 year old case? and a emergency protest on the day of sentencing?
  4. MK did respond to these lies,on his radio show last week.and was taking calls for any questions.should of called in with your questions.MK is not ignoring this he is just doing the right thing by not airing this case on FB.
  5. If any one has a pick up and drop off location for petitions please e-mail the info to: petitions@repealtoday.org Thank you!
  6. I had a friend pulled over recently and she stood her ground,refused search without a warrant and refused road side teast,took the fith and ask 4 her attorney. they searched her and her vehicle,arrested her,called 4 a warrant and took her 2 the hopital 2 get blood before,taking her 2 jail. now she is looking at a 6month suspension of her drivers license,for refusing road side test. just know the consequences of asserting your rights.
  7. this is a legalize site,u can go there 2 volunteer.help is needed through out the state.END PROHIBITION IN 2012!
  8. One of our own is running 2 fill this seat.activist Cary Neuville Justice,is running on the green party.if u live in the 51st district please consider voting for Cary.she will be a great state rep for all of us.
  9. please look at Shona Banda's site,she had chrone's and can show u how she cured it with cannabis.she also has a book called live free or die. 1 of the best books ever on cannabis and what all it can cure. good luck with your Daughter.
  10. This is so true.they were out in full force last night, were'nt they? Bahahaha Haters who needs em?not alot of room in this movement for haters. LOL
  11. i seen another post that said it was tue,the 29th.27th is a sunday? when and where is it? LOL
  12. keep us informed,i'm near Saginaw and will do what i can to rally the troops.if we can't secure room will there be a protest?
  13. i decarb at 220 for 20 minutes,grind and put in capsules.pure cannabis.
  14. I seen 3 testimonials from MS patients a few weeks back.amazing how well this is working for these patients.
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