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  1. Dr. Andrew Madak in Rochester Hills is another to avoid. He was my doctor until he threatened to drop me because I had a medical card, I tried to discuss it with him before I was certified to see if he would be willing to help me out, I refuse all narcotic pain killers because of the damage they do to the rest of your body and that has been my policy before MMJ was available in Michigan I dealt with the pain instead of getting doped up on synthetic heroin. Now because I didn't want to rot away in my bed on pills all day he says well your pain can't be that bad if you didn't want any prescripti
  2. I read it like Chauncey, they're not going around testing everyone but if you find a job, then decline to take a tinkle test for that job they report back to department of labor and then you get your unemployment yanked
  3. I also got the same thing last month saying about the same as yours at least 3 times the neighbors and I only have 2 x 1000w lamps
  4. oh you know what, now I feel like I dick. I bet you put the link in, and then it was taken out by admins. My bad man just didn't know if it was designed for cannabis or something else that you turned into that. I see what it does it looks awesome honestly I was hoping you'd reply with what it was. I use a rolling box with a screen on the bottom but this seems like a better way if you're trying to get it all off
  5. two pictures shown, tells us to get one, then doesn't tell us what it is
  6. I don't do the whole chop and hang because of this and I haven't noticed and ill effects. You don't need 12 plants at all for one patient, I grow 2 or 3 a patient and that's plenty to harvest one every 3 or 4 weeks, I let them veg for a while and get a decent amount but only a couple plants with a two big lamps. I take them out and put them in the dark and still give a light water to keep them from drying, humidity is around 65% so they don't dry or cure fully and I take branches off as I need. Someone needs some take a branch down, let take some out of the cured meds, start curing this and by
  7. You man not have more than 2.5oz per patient ever. They catch you with 71 grams and you're going to jail, and you're not able to use the medical marihuana as defense because you violated the act. It's pure madness but it is how it's being handled. Grow smaller plants until you have more patients, or harvest it a bit at a time, I don't want to be the test subject but if it's still on the plant it's not useable but as I'm sure you know you don't have much of a window for that without it being fully dried out unless you have a real good handle on your drying room environment
  8. carry on for me both times. I only took 2 grams per day so no more than 10 grams total the jar is smaller than a jelly jar sitting on the very top of my backpack. I have one of those obnoxious backpacks with 100 pockets so I can see how you don't see it visually on the outside but through the scanner I can't imagine it being very hard to tell what that is but like I said they didn't say a word. The second time they we're doing their "random" searches secondary right before everyone got on the plane and I wasn't selected for that either so I haven't had any physical experience just what they to
  9. I've done it a few times, tsa never found it so I don't know what they would do if they did. I talked to tsa and wayne county before tsa said they're not the police and if they find anything illegal they call the wayne county and let them deal with it. Wayne county said I can have as much as my cards allow, and to store it with a copy of my card. I only bring a backpack when i travel so I had it in a jar on the top visible if you opened the zipper right on top each time nothing. I waited the first time for the police then realized no one said anything to me and didn't open my bags so I went on
  10. why in the hell would someone write that poorly in the third person? It's painful to read, I'm smart enough to put together the pieces but this Sabet seems like an idiot.
  11. the g pens making whoopee suck. They did you a favor man, the mini g is a little better but after reading this I'm trashing it. My buddy can have it I don't want to support them even if they already got my money. You can't make hundreds of thousands of dollars off marijuana users then shun them when they want to do business. Grenco science sucks
  12. I'll add to my response there are some meds I've produced where I do feel they're worth more but I'm only with 4 patients and I don't change the prices on them, if there were more available patients with different incomes I'd fully admit I'd raise the prices on the boutiqe magazine worthy buds that we gets once in a while not every day run of the mill high quality something that really stands above the rest in one way or another. I guess my rambling is getting to the pricing is so subjective to quality, patient income, salesmanship, how much time you personally invest on a daily basis, how far
  13. 225 is 3600 for a full pound. you should be able to get that in a square meter in your room no problem every eight weeks. 9' x 9' room filled up gives you 9 square meters. We'll say you use 6 for plants the rest for air flow and proper spacing and work room. 3600*6 = $21,600 or $10k a month, $120,000 a year. If you are doing your "caregiving" as your business I don't think you should get too greedy on the pricing but if you have patients that pay it then have at it. I'm not flaming anyone you can charge whatever you want but let's all be honest with each other, there aren't ten growers in MI.
  14. The article says nothing about being arrested for consuming it while driving, no testing for being impaired, nothing of the sort. I think that's something to take note of, officer might be in trouble for that one, or they realize it doesn't impair. Troy cops are pretty bad too I'd say he had a lucky night to not end up in jail for the night
  15. I think it started in april, any FFL does the check in the store. They call the ATF right in front of you, then write down your approval on the application and you're on your way. Way better than having to go to the sheriff, get the permit, go to the store, get the gun, then back to the sheriff.
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