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  1. Anyone with a mini split have one with a heat pump? If so how did it work in the winter?
  2. If I went with a mini split I will definitely go up to the 1000's . But I'm gonna use what I got right now, 3 600's hps and a 1000 watt mh. I have the grow bible, but with tablets and such, paperbacks are last on my mind to check as a resource, lol. I want 4 1000 watters in that 8x8, but that seems like overkill and a lot of trouble (money) to cool. I've had great results in tents, but designing my own room gets challenging. The room is framed and insulated. I was set on going with the window unit, now I'm sorta leaning towards the mini split, which has finishing my room on hold till I figure it out Definitely will have a dehumidifier, didn't list all the things I have to keep it short. Seems like containing odor with the mini split will be a lot easier. My main concerns are noise and odor.
  3. I'm building a room in my attached garage. The garage is well insulated but not heated. My room is in my back corner of the garage. Veg room is about 5x8 and the bloom room is about 8x8. These rooms are insulated as well. Vapor barrier will be used then I have to put up drywall. Right now I'm stuck on trying decide the best way to heat and cool the rooms. Since the room is so small would a space heater and window a/c unit be sufficient? If I go portable a/c and heater unit, how should I go about containing the smell from the exhaust of this unit. Is my room even big enough to buy a mini split unit? 8 foot ceilings. Will be using 4-5 600 watt hps lamps. Debating on using 1000's but that's another topic. Thanks.
  4. cool, glad you're back.Ive got a pre 98 too, and white fire alien and cindy 99 going right now.

  5. Hi Ganz, have not been on here in a long time. Enjoying my retirement now, with my ladies. Named, OG Kush, Pre 98 Bubba Kush, Blue Dream, Confidential Cheese, and Snow White. LOL! See ya.....

  6. TheGanz


    Now 2 out of the 5 fem beans are male. My first and last fem bean purchase.
  7. You copy your original application to the state and use that till your hard card arrives, as stated in the mmm act.
  8. Mrd, what was your goal when you began to create lemon cake?
  9. TheGanz


    The microbes in my compost pile were put to work on him.
  10. TheGanz


    I had a male in a pack of 6 fem pre 98 bubba kush seeds from cali connection. Not a hermie, but a full blown male.
  11. my mouth seriously watered from these pics
  12. I have had 4 cars stolen in the past 16 months in Redford, but they round up growers in a warehouse? If everything was in individual enclosed locked rooms in the warehouse what's the problem? Oh wait, the Feds get to confiscate everything and make their money, but searching for true criminals doesn't put money in the governments pockets.
  13. I use a recipe similar to subcools super soil and only use water throughout the grow. And after mixing I let my my soil cook for at least a month. I reuse my soil like mezz said there are still organic matter breaking down and microbes in the soil. So I throw the used soil back into the 55 gallon tub where my soil is cooking. IMO, it's a waste to throw it out when going organic. Especially when sexing, there are a ton of nutrients in it still.
  14. It's not difficult to sex a cannabis plant. I have some of mosca's c99 in veg right now but they are about 7-8 weeks from seed. Haven't been sexed and a pheno hasn't been selected yet.
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