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  1. I appreciate all the info and suggestions guys. I have managed to get one of my Dr's to print the forms for me so im all set now. Thanks.
  2. I have a Dr. recommendation but I need the MMP form/ packet. where can I get that since I don't have the ability to print at home. I called the local MMJ store-front that does recommendations but the receptionist gave me a run-a-around on the form since I already had a "free" recommendation from my Dr, and I didn't need to pay them their fee...
  3. with all due respect I doubt it was the wind.
  4. lol..no. It's a a vacant field beside mom's house. we mow the grass and maintain the property, thats all. the circle appeared overnight according to mom and sis.
  5. I always used water to re-hydrate my bud that got really really dry. I'd put 1 drop of water in the baggie (usually about a 1/4 oz.) and throw it in the fridge overnight. the next day the bud was hydrated and flexible like a fresh new bud. you dont want it wet, so when I say 1 drop of water to about 1/4 of dry bud I mean 1 drop! it has always worked for me. it brings the buds back to like new texture and freshness.
  6. hell, if they come back Im going with them. Im tired of things around here...
  7. there has never been a tree in that location to my knowledge, and mom has owned property for almost 23 years now. the grass within the circle is basicly green and in good condition, and no mushrooms anywhere. their are no ground moles in the area either. maybe it's swamp gas...
  8. this is a pic of me standing in my moms field next to what appears to possibly be a crop circle. mom says it wasnt there the day or the night before. I guess it has been there for a week or so. I insisted they take a pic once they told me, I guess it was more visable earlier in the week. I thought some of you may be interested in seeing it so here you go.form your own opinions I guess.
  9. lets add LED = light emitting diode and LEP = light emitting plasma
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