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  1. They are really good people over at The Lansing City Pulse. They have always been a supporter of the industry. And for those who think that Service centers should not be included....tell that to the 1200+ patience's who my company took care of and now don't have a clue where to go for their medication.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I watched the State vs Compassionate Apothecary which I found interesting. Judge in the center definitely had an attitude.
  3. No.... He's is ignorant and "Lost" NOT QUALIFIED IN MY BOOK.
  4. I could not believe Rick Jones said he walked through the crowds of A Few Thousand of Michigan Voters and knew who was a true well chair bound patient and who was not??? My Lord, can he walk through the crowds and sense their Medical condition, who has qualified to be a patient under the Act.?? He is completely off base and truly Out of Touch. Be fair and balanced. Okay? We as citizens of the Great State of Michigan depend on you “the local media” to tell the truth. A proud Person Today , Ken
  5. It was AWESOME. This day was incredible and a true life experience, an event that will go down in history. Words are not enough to explain my feelings. Thank you MMMA and all 90,000 patients in Michigan. Warm Regards Ken
  6. Hi All, It seems there are folks misleading the Public into thinking that "Pharmacies" are: a - Somehow vitally different than CA or anyone working under Chamberlain Ruling model. b - Even capable of serving Patients in any way properly. Well, first I have to ask you... Now that our Point Of Sale system is up, and records are HIPPA compliant, and can be set to a particular Doctors specific recommended dosage for each patient ( not that I am saying we should do this, just that we could )... now that we are capable of that after only 18 months... IN WHAT WAY ARE WE DIFFERENT THAN A SPECIALIZED "PHARMACY"??? ...not that you need to be a "Pharmacy" to provide Valerian Root, or other such Herbal/Medicinals anyways. BECAUSE we ARE capable of the same record-keeping, specified dosages, and security measures as a "pharmacy", why then should we NOT be allowed to provide for Patients what "pharmacies" are totally unprepared to do. I personally would love to see a video of a pharmacist and his two assistants trying DESPERATLEY to take care of 60 patients in a shift. Helping them choose, giving them advice, directing them to what may work best, counseling them, tending to them with a bit of care... Let’s face it, this is NOT what pharmacists do, and I really doubt they even want to do it! Sure, we could probably train them to figure it out. Us former "dispensary" (BLAH!) operators and employees now out of work and business. But they would want to separate it from their other clientele anyways (we can see that already, right?). SO... WHY NOT LET US DO IT, THEN ??? If you insist I hire a pharmacist just to sit in a chair and chill, I could. The fact of the matter is that the only difference between a clinic, methadone clinic, or alternative health center, and a "dispensary" operating under the Chamberlain Ruling is... ...we are professionals, but we also have FUN! That's right. We could put on white lab coats, too. Dr. Doofenschmirtz style! We could put on white lab coats, and then use exactly the SAME technology and security to do exactly the SAME thing as a "pharmacy", but because we are who we are, WE would make it MORE FUN! Well, it's just not our fault that we are more fun than other people! Nor is it a strike against us. It’s our eternal optimism that has endured far worse set-backs than THIS one. It just isn’t our fault that the same people our Attorney General might call "stoners" just happen to know how to make everything just a little bit more enjoyable. AND so that is exactly what I would LOVE for you all to do tomorrow in Lansing. Be good to everyone there. Be good to each other. Ignore any book-burning whacko's. And go out there and HAVE MORE FUN than anyone else in the Capitol City!!! · Prove that we can do the same thing, only better... AND have more fun doing it! · That's a win no matter which way the wind blows. Matthew Taylor Ken Van Every CA of Mount Pleasant CA of Lansing
  7. Hello all, I'm not much of a writer nor can I type well so please bear with me. September 7, 2011 has become a day which we as normal citizens with aliments come together to speak as ONE! We have THE card, I feel better, we sometimes are in need, we for some reason can't provide ourselves at the moment nor our primary care giver. These and so many questions will be asked and desire an answer. Prior to this ruling we all really were taking care of each other. I look so forward to this day! Ken
  8. Thx Bud... got a t-shirt set aside for you. Thank you so much I'm so humbled. Ken
  9. Dear Friends, We are coming into town this week to coordinate appeal and stay process with Matt Newburg and Mary Chartier. We GREATLY appreciate you bearing with us, as we field hundreds of calls from panicked and upset patients, media people asking for interviews, and around 200 vendors cashing checks at the same time. Whamo! I am surprised we have held up as well as we have, and to my knowledge there have been few if any quirks, and by far and away most people are very sympathetic and supportive. Of course all of us at CA want to know if you have run into any problems at all. Please call your local CA, and leave a message. We are open (and now able) to listen and respond to these messages. We want to express our deep gratitude to all the patients and caregivers who have made this possible, and we feel for the thousands of patients who paid for and obtained their cards without intending to have to grow, invest in growing, or wait if they have a sudden diagnosis for a grow to yield. I encourage all of you to remember the patients first. It is not just medical MJ innovators who follow Judge Chamberlain’s ruling that CA fought so hard for that are being hurt here, but the poorest patients, and the Taxpayers of Michigan that are also being hurt right now. We ask you not to forget that. In fact, that is the main message to be conveyed is: Be optimistic, and energetic. We have accomplished amazing things together, and now is the time to continue working together, because the public is starting to understand what is at stake economically, and as per job and revenue creation. Show your support for the Chamberlain ruling, and patient to patient transfers, and un-interrupted access for patients by attending the rally on Sept 7th in Lansing. Do so peacefully, and respectfully, and without any untoward incident. Know that CA will always be there for you, and again… we GREATLY appreciate all of your support and understanding. If you would like to contribute to the cause that will FINALLY and HISTORICALLY allow Michigan citizens who follow the law to live peacefully, an without fear of prosecution or other punitive measures for engaging and facilitating the Voter Initiative – please contact www.newburglaw.com Take care, Staff C.A.LLC
  10. Miss you buddy how's everything


  11. Happy Birthday my friend CA of Lansing
  12. Hi all, Here is a link to an article featuring CA of Lansing. Please take a moment and check it out. My link. If you're every in the Lansing area, stop by the apothecary, you will be pleasantly surprised.
  13. Clones will be available today at C.A. of Lansing. Starting at 1:30 pm for more information check out our website at www.caoflansing.com
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