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  1. Mr. Mister what are the NPK values of the Grobig ferts you are using?



    6-4-4 (I haven't used it since the 2nd week in the flower room), at this point the buds are growing and the leaves are still dropping, the other two sativas (different strain) I have that are a couple of weeks younger have stopped growing altogether with small flowers on them, I'm assuming they are a loss cause.

  2. I also have a ww strain that has showed the exact problems, I have been able to reduce the issue but never fully solve it. I have grown my particular strain of ww(seeds from amsterdam), in pro-mix, hydroton as a base on flood tables and nothing(aero-nft hybrid). I have had the best luck in aero-nft keeping my ppm's extremely light, around 300(yes with ro water and yes I added cal mag and used GH flora series nutes) my well water is approx 300 ppm without nutes, so the ro was my only option for running aeroponics. Please pm me if you come up with a solution. I am starting to believe in the "bad seed theory" mentioned above, but I am still running this lady because regardless of the appearance of the leaves, the flowers turn out fantastic! My favorite daytime medication, with lots of sativa influence, forehead and eye pressure, excellent motivation, and I can still keep a decent train of thought!(although with time the flowers seem to be getting a bit more potent, throwing in a little "what was I just doing?" but only for a sec!), My wife also enjoys this variety for the day, but did mention that it seemed to increase her anxiety a little bit, but not to the point of paranoia. I hope this will help in some way(I have run other plants in the same systems with this strain, and they showed no signs of burn or deficiencies) given the exact same nutrient regimen.


    I've read on FF's website that certain nutrients will only release with water in the 5.5 to 6 range so this is what I'm trying now. Until now I've been watering at 6.5 to 7.


    Those nutrients are - manganese, magnesium and phosphorus.

  3. I've got the same problem with a 3' Pineapple Chunk that I acquired. It was an absolutely beautiful plant when I got it.

    I switched it to a 12/12 cycle, transplanted it from a 1 gal to a 4 gal pot with FFOF, and took some clones. Now, altho I think it suffered slightly in the transfer, ie., out in the cold, my plants leaves look just like yours now. I haven't added any nutrients the first two weeks, as I know the FFOF is pretty hot, and, while, the buds are beautiful, the leaves are dropping like flies. Maybe the FFOF is too hot for this strain, and should be diluted????


    Yes I've suspected this too.

  4. that happen to me also and i never got it right i just got rid of it

    i think that cut has been around for some time i see it around all the time i think it always has been a bad seed IMO


    This is the second go around with this and I'm running into the same problem, what's puzzling is it's only happening to the sativa's and I have two different strains of them. Indica's are fine with the same treatment.

  5. I've been having a problem growing sativa plants in general but for this thread I need to address my White Widows.

    Growing indoors under 1000 watt hps

    Growing in FF Ocean Forest soil

    Watering thoroughly when pots are light in weight with water ph 6.5-7

    5th week in flowering room


    Spots and yellowing lower leaves started to show up a after a couple of weeks in the flowering room. They have been very healthy up to then.


    Moderately fertilized with GroBig upon entering flowering room and then again a week later. Also have used superthrive in watering.

    Added 2tbs. of dolomite to soil on week 5 and lightly foliar fed them cal/mg plus.


    Thought it was either calcium or magnesium problem but nothing added has changed the plants conditions. Flowers are growing but leaves are still dying and I'm beginning to think the spotting and yellowing of the leaves will eventually reach into the buds. Water runoff is ph 6.


    Am growing another couple of sativa's (different strain) and they are showing the same problems.


    Am also growing indica's and they show none of the symptoms.


    Any opinions might be helpful.




  6. patient to Patient transfers ARE legal! No dispensarys were raided for patient to patient transfers!



    For what it's worth to everyone I wrote the Medical Marihuana Program Coordinator about this and she states in one plain sentence - The law does not state this information. Therefore, you will need to consult with an attorney.

  7. I think that Ethically, it would be okay. But, legally, it is not clearly allowed. So you are taking a risk, should you be "caught". In the unfortunate event of having your grow(s) discovered by LEOs, they would most certainly NOT find it acceptable. You may be able to make arguments in court about it, but i think that those would likely not hold up either. Your safest, most prudent way, would be to take Rev Thad's advice.



    Yes I think it is the way I'm going. Thanks to all and enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having.

  8. In my opinion, it would be safer, as you would technically be in possession of the plants, and we know how certain "civil" servants like to interpret things.


    So, I would suggest that yes if they are going to be at your home, that you become the caregiver for that person... you could even name them as your caregiver but retain your cultivation rights... this would allow each of you to hold a total of 5 ounces (2.5 for being a patient, and 2.5 for being a caregiver). Just something to think about.



    Rev, yes my intuition tells me that this would be the safer way to go but I needed another opinion on the matter. Thanks for yours.

  9. I'll be starting to grow my own soon (I have a card) and am wondering if it is legal for me to allow another legal patient to grow in the same space with me. They won't be leaving their card with me so all I would have is their paperwork, would it be safer if I became a caregiver for that person? Thanks in advance.

  10. Okay I've searched the site and couldn't find an answer after mucho reading so maybe someone can answer this, can a patient sell to another patient that has a legal card without being they're caregiver and/or can they sell to a legal dispensary?

    Thanks, I know this has probably already been discussed but I couldn't find it..

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