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  1. Give me a Call we open and for you dumb asses again...you can advise me and tell me this and that but actions speak some much more then words. You can be the most educated person ever but if you dont have a set of balls you will never make it happen. Thanks to the support of the people who believe in this movement and know we can't give up without a fight...Pure West 616-466-4204
  2. thanks for the info...but I dont give a flower what you got to say its wack asses like you who dont show up to the ralleys and probly never even voted for the law...this is a chat board not a real life meeting...I think you should delete your account and get some mexican dirt and try to get medicated...
  3. Yes I do have pics...can you PM me and I will be sure to send you some....
  4. Where you located I travel threw out the state. PM me and we can maybe figure something out.
  5. I am a caregiver from the Westside of the state and I would like to help out any patient or caregiver who would like some of my overages. How many cards you got I can fill your order. I have been blessed with the best stuff I have had all year. I have some Grand Daddy Purp and some Purple. These have been cured for 3 weeks and are trimmed to perfection. The smell alone will make you fall in love. I also have clippings/clones well rooted for dirt or for hydro. Please contact me asap both will be out of stock soon....
  6. I am from West Michigan and I just harvested some of my best crop ever. I want to know who wants to try it out...I got meds if you got a card...I have some Purple and some Grand Daddy Purp I also got clippings available I have Power Kush, Vanilla Kush, Super lemon Haze, Blue Widow....DM me if you interested....
  7. Our Club House for Our Compassion Club will be meeting soon in the Holland Area. Hit me up if your interested in attending our first meeting Sept. 9th. Pure West Compassion Club
  8. Do you have a card or proof of your Medical Card...if so I might be able to help...
  9. Come to Lansing this Sat. for "GREEN MARKET" I heard they have meds for 250 to 350 and lots of clinics near by worth a trip for out of towners.... Capitol City Compassion Club (CCCC) advocates, assists, and educates folks about Michigan medical use cannabis. Our open meetings offer a place for caregivers and patients to meet and build trusting, informative relationships in our community. Our twice-monthly meetings are open to all. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, or simply someone looking for information, come and visit with us and stay informed. We is proud to announce the Medical Marijuana Safe Transfer Center. Bring your extra clones, overages, and anything else a medical marijuana patient may desire to transfer to other patient members. Patients will be allowed exercise their privileges under the 2008 Michigan Medical Marihuana Act to transfer the fruit of their service. These meetings are currently held every Saturday 12:00pm to 6:00pm. We have plans to open other days also, check our website for details. CCCC advocates and protects the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act passed in 2008. We are a community of folks who have volunteered to advocate safe access to medical grade cannabis at an affordable cost. Join us at our open meetings and rediscover compassion! CLICK HERE FOR MORE WEBSITE Capital City Compassion Club 2010 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing MI 48912 Hours of Operation Saturdays 12:00pm to 6:00pm The VP Todd Vaporizes with every NEW Member
  10. Lovin this card

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