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  1. heres another link to ponder over that fits here if you think it should have its own topic then feel free to repost or move... http://investmentwatchblog.com/big-pharma-prescriptions-including-painkillers-antidepressants-plummeting-as-seniors-turn-to-medical-cannabis/
  2. hello all personally i do not care what other states are doing as it is not ours to care about... if anything look over what there doing and use there short comings we know about to avoid ours that are happening here... i as a voter here in this state will not vote for anything that takes away the patients right to grow there own... i have always felt you can grow the best for you and your needs no one else know that besides you... anything or any wording to take away the mmma as it was voted on is a very bad idea... this is one more thing that shows there scared of this as they wish it to
  3. hey mgg nice to see your still around... been wondering how you have been doing lately... if ya get a chance lets get together and see whats been happening... abbe
  4. hey jipo yes were still hang in... glad to see your back again... we will have to get together soon bro... abbe
  5. hello sapphireroze hope things are well... there are a few cg around battle creek im surprised no one has responded to this... what are you looking for as far as your cg... do you have specific needs and wants... as this is your first post here ill be the first to say welcome to the site... to better help you there is a chat room on here to use and its ip real time chat... this helps you get better known to others... lets talk some and see if i can help or work with you some... abbe
  6. hey all well im sorry to see no one wants to test there meds this is sad... if you dont understand how to extract or process the plant right then your going to harm your self and others you give those meds to... any place that sells this would have a liability on this and those who dont test to know it is safe is and should be sued to the fullest extent of the law... not one lab can do all the sampling of what the dispensary will need or want but will have to be part of the lic agreement... it is going to take multiply labs to run all the samples and keep checks on those money shops so we
  7. hi darren84 theres a few around ya... so just get out here and talk to others... hit the grow shop get known and meet folks you will be surprised... abbe
  8. hey darren84 also forgot to say theres a lot of chat rooms out here that do have folks in them so may want to visit those when you see others in them... abbe
  9. hi darren84 there are folks near but with the latest crap happening most are not taking chances unless your willing to sign them as a cg... id look thru the site and see what events are going on around the state take some time to go to them meet others there... build up to where you are known by some folks... visit cc clubs and see how they do with there groups... i know time is an issue with work family it eats at it all... then add hurting to the mix the ride to them but in the over all you get to know others in the same boat... things happen as you get known and those who often sit on t
  10. hey king try lansings http://micannalytics.com/ ive had some tested there... abbe
  11. hello nl ive been using a lot of different pv devices over the last 2 to 3 years some are not made well but do work the issue is when they break... ive got my org kit ego style 3 years old still works good... ive moved on to other devices and i also rebuild my heads or attys as there called... have one ive built that can do dry plant material rso oil bho on and when it breaks just rebuild it... i do use this to replace smoking cig this the main use... so i make my own flavors this is the key to using it over cigs... ive been making all kinds of taste or flavours have over 300 + recipes to
  12. hello pic i liked this strain i had it for 1 years grew very well but i used it for glaucoma... http://www.thseeds.com/pages/atrain.html is what my mom was... ive only seen this once in michigan in 4 years... if you do get one please let me know as i would like to buy a clone or 2 of it... letterhead954 id look into vaping as ive had good results with that and sleep... the biggie with vaping is when i stop doing things and im sleeping... like anything finding the strains that help you are hard but there are many to try... i tell folks to find 2 to 4 that really works best for you and grow
  13. hi sf first everyone has there way to do what your asking about in hydro... i only do hydro i will never allow any dirt in my rooms as its dirt and will cause your hydro to kill its self faster... as far as flood and drain aka ebb flow its great... remember that hydron can float so think about the water level and your pots you wish to use... id figure to use a net pot as you say 3in type then keep plant in that as your thinking... but look at the level you flood too and keep the pot 1/2 inch min above that level so the hydron wont float out of the pot... as far as filling the flood tray up wi
  14. hi everyone well to be a mod is a big deal first you better like to be called many things and not let it bother you... as it will happen... for the reason most people dont like you up holding someones rules who owns the site... its not your site but theres and you have to follow them as your told of them its there site there rules... most people dont like it when you do this as they feel its there right to do and act as they see fit... so as a mod your treated like crap and called many bad things that you dont deserve but will be called them anyway... so know this going in... you have to b
  15. hey all personally for me if someone is hurting and in need and i know them ill take the risk... there in need and i believe help is the key if i go to jail helping someone then its meant to be and i will go knowing i at least helped one person... im sorry but i think no court or jury if they know the story will put me away for doing what is right and when its free i would hope they would understand i was not doing it to gain only to help... i do hope one day that it is known health and helping is more important then money if not... i guess then it shows we are and think like those in offi
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