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    I agree with the AC unit but I use a 60" cool tub with 2 400 watts and it was suggested to me that you should place your exhaust fan pulling air through as compared to pushing..Sounds like your carbon filter fan is not pulling enough air to help cool off the tube..JMO
  2. I had some beans from Dr Greenthumbs,not bad but a little pricey.
  3. I would suggest that you adjust your light schedule to when it's good for you!! I know about the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter but you need to be @ the top of your game when you go into the flower rm because there are a few things that might need your attention..Sometime you just have to pay the cost..Nobody said it was gonna be cheap or easy.
  4. When you don't label food that is to be consumed the long term effect can be disastrous And you know that the short term research that went into this project was fueled by greed&money...Thanks KB great read!!
  5. It's just a natural reaction even though you are legal at the time(I assume)because the law states one thing and LEO is on a another page,especially when your'e driving because there are just so many nickel&dime excuses to pull you over.
  6. I have never grown in a tent but good air exchange is a must..Get a small fan 6-8" and keep it on low..As for the sexing of the plants I have found it easier once they get into the early stage of flower..Your grow is looking good!!
  7. Have you tried Wonder Haze or OG Ghost Train, Both are good Sativas
  8. This is the first year in many years of fishing both sides of Lake StClair,Deroit River and Lake Erie that I didn't get a Canadian fishing license and it because of this call in reporting...Just about every year the Canadian license fees goes up..Now you have to purchase a Sportsmans card to even buy the license..I'll just fish the good "ol" American Side!!!
  9. If everything is ligit it should not be a problem haveing them come to the house because if the postal service is watching..They would be watching a PO Box also..Save the PO Box money and put a few extra bucks of gas in the car(IMO).
  10. Being from Michigan I know that it's hard sometime to seperate the politics from compassion but it seems as though when I first came aboard a couple of years ago there was a lot more compassion and somewhere along the way personaltys and politics creeped and the vision of MMMA got lost..I just pray the the vision can be restored and we can get back to helping people because MMMA sure helped me get started and I know for a fact that everyone needs help through that first infestation of spider mites(LOL).
  11. Thanks for the info MGG..Did you purchase the product fron the hydro store or big box store graden center?
  12. jimmy


    Welcome..The knowledge here is second to none..Those are some nice strains..I like the Northern LightxBig Bud..I got a freebe from Attitude..I haven't pop it yet but I like the genetics.
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