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  1. So I got this stuff from a friend of mine. He told me that it was a THC wax and that it came from cali. It didn't really remind me of a wax. I was a liquid. They come in a little vile and they kinda are the same color as anti-freeze. Has any one else seen these or know what they are? Does anyone know how to make them? If anyone has a chance to try on of these "potions" do your self a favor and buy it. I took the whole bottle and I have never been that messed up ever. I woke up after 7 hours of sleep still higher then a kite. I would suggest that if anyone does get some to not take the whol
  2. I would think that those pans would be ok. If there safe enough for me to cook and eat a turkey from, them I'm sure the plants would be ok. I'm sure there a food grade pan. As far as the light leakage goes, IMO A little light leakage isn't gonna hurt your plants. like ikline said, Its never really completely dark outside with the moon and all.
  3. So I had an idea of delivering clones and cuttings in water picks. Here's a link to what a water pick is. I want to use the picks b/c I use an easy cloner so I dont use rockwool. http://www.afloral.com/Floral-Supplies/Water-Tubes-and-Picks/4-25-Double-Anchor-Green-Aquapic-100-Pieces I know that they'll work for cuttings but not really sure about clones. How long will the clone be ok in one of these things for? Any ideas about this? I stopped at a florist and she sold me 20 for a buck.
  4. If they were my plants I would cut all of the funky leaves off of the strawberry and leave the dome on. Give them some time, they might make it.
  5. I'm Tommyxxx217. You can find me on Halo reach or Call of Duty.
  6. I'm not to sure if its the miracle grow b/c I'm using happy frog and fox farm and I'm having a fungus gnat issue as well.
  7. Even if big pharm does get involved in MMJ I won't be buying there garbage. I'll have to make my operation stealthy and take it under ground. Sorry but some of the Michigan grown meds that I have had since receiving my card have been some of the best smoke that I have ever had and I will not be replacing them with any pharm meds.
  8. OK, so im just going into week 5 of flower. It seams to me that I should cut all of the big fan leaves off to let some of the lower buds get some light. Most of the older leaves are starting to die and fall off any ways. Do the large fan leaves actually serve a purpose? Aren't they just a place for the plant to store energy?
  9. This is such a joke. Look at some of the dangerous drugs that are in the lower scheduling. Meth, crack and oxycotin just to name a few. http://www.justice.gov/dea/pubs/scheduling.html
  10. Hey guys thanks for the advice. I'll watch and feed as needed.
  11. I took the bags off and of course the grafts didn't make it. I did one more graft about 15 min. ago. I tried a few different things. This time I chose branches that were a little closer in size. I also just scrapped the cutting. If this one doesn't take i'm gonna have to wait a while before attempting again. I have to wait for all my little clones to get big. I got a few new strains to start working with but all my veg plants are either fresh rooted clones or are still seedlings. I have cheese, headband, snow white, ice, aurora indica, and my unknown bag seed clone that is definitely sativa an
  12. Another idea or use for grafting would be to maintain male plants for breeding. 1 single patient with just there 12 plants could have endless options for crossbreeding. I think it would be tricky keeping a super male around. You would definitely want to keep him separate. We could start breeding serious strains right here in our own back yard.
  13. Hey everyone, I had a question about clones and feed schedules. I just took 2 cuttings and rooted them, then I placed them in a ffof/happy frog 50/50 mix. Do I need to feed these plants nutes right away or is the ffof/happy frog sufficient for the first 30 days like usual?
  14. Thanks for everyone's support. I think that this is something that everyone in the medical marijuana community could benefit from. I personally want a nice, healthy 3' to 4' mother with at LEAST 20 strains. Midnight gardener told me that everyone at Dampkring uses a different process. We just have to find one that works for us and something that everyone can follow. Once we get this process figured out I'll do up a nice little tutorial with pics and show everyone how I do it. It would be cool to make a nice little video tutorial. We'll light that fire cracker when we get to it. I'll post a few
  15. I'm plannin on taking the bags off tomorrow. I'm hoping everything goes according to plan but we've been here before.
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