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  1. Do you have a grow journal of the dr.greenthumb G-13 going I would be able to check out ? Thanks

  2. Just wanted to say good luck, you seem to be a good person in a bad spot. I can feel for ya sucks being judged before anything happens.
  3. I would like to point you all in the direction of freeland check out gray services they are my choice in the area. Just started out and they use the locker system. They where better than anything in baycity by farrrrrrr.
  4. Hey noticed some posts where you mentioned many strains I have an intrest in. Are you willing to gift any clones for a donation ? Found your post about the old school strains, can't say I am old school by any means but like those strains. Your " war on terror" plant very cool too.

  5. wow gramps or granny you still getting around pretty well! 99 yrs old, wow you my hero! and I beleive my oldest friend on here!



  6. I have grown this strain. From secret valley if thats right ? grown from seed. Was a pleasure to grow cant over water or under water this thing was a tank took it all and thrived it seemed. Survived my 1st grow and turned out bending over from dense buds covered in tric's and super sticky. smoke sucked was harsh and dried your mouth out upon exhaling. Would be amazing outdoor here in michigan. didn't turn purple either with warm temps whole time.
  7. With a number of forums this post fits under i thought more was betting thinking more posts more places more people will see. one needed to be deleted also.
  8. Looking for a few clones to get something going, I am located in mid michigan and have card in hand. Would like proven genetics. please p.m. me with responses.
  9. Querkle almost done give us more

  10. I know its just to get people to buy the extra, surplus, old or whatever seeds but looks like a deal to me. Have sour cream and sharks breath in flower right now (got as ufo freebie). Impressed with both and their tendency's are just as DNA said in the info blerb which is kinda nice for a change. So I am going to double up.... ( 13 ) DNA Kandy Kush x Skunk reg ~~~~ $85.90 FREE ( 13 ) DNA Pure Afgan reg ( 1 )Dutch Passion Blueberry Feminized ( 1 )Dutch Passion Orange Bud Feminized seeds ( 1 )Dutch Passion Mekong High ( 1 )Dutch Passion White Widow Feminized ( 1 )Dutch Passion S
  11. ^^^^ Nice that the cool stuff I like to hear ganjawarrior. Well thanks for all the info everyone I am going to attempt this some time this week so Il throw some pics up and keep ya posted. They are prob around week 4 or 5 so lets see how long it takes or if I even have the skills
  12. Need some help putting flowering cuttings that have been taken off my plants back into veg. could someone give me the basic rundown as to what I should expect, can achieve and should be doing? 10 shark's breath and 2 unknown Going put them in rapid rooters then into the dome, going to be put in the tent getting light from a 600mh. Thanks All
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