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  1. Hello again PadroPadro here searching for an electrician or similar to wire more power to my grow room. I have been having problems with circuits getting overloaded due to the room being wired to circuits with appliances already on them. I would like to have several circuits installed that will be completely dedicated to the grow room. This will account for any electrical problems. PM me or just comment on here if you know of anyone around the GR area that can assist me. Peace
  2. "getting high all day" LMAO. good one D I read that over 50% of the countries Med Mary comes from within the country and that percentage is growing rapidly. I highly doubt they will be able to stop it even if they put all of their resources into it. They may catch a few ppl and slow our movement down, BUT we are stronger and much smarter. Cant stop us
  3. Checked the journal awhile back just never saw your weight results posted.... Did it get a whole 1000 to itself or something off camera? That's a great job as most your grows seem to be, but what was the deciding factor that put its yield above most of the other shows in these journals? Peace
  4. Veg Time on that "half pound". Looks over half a year old...
  5. Sounds like you've got all the toys you need. What you want to figure out now is where are the "leaks" in your room. Floorboards, walls, ceiling, somewhere there is cracks that let air out and thus the smell out. The o2, can/fan stuff wont work unless its room can keep all the air trapped so it can be treated before evacuated. Also, your room size may not match your smell control set up. Often times people purchase fans too fast and powerful which do not have enough time to treat the air before they expel it.
  6. Hmm ok. What about environment? Temps n humidity control... fans? Anyone adding fruit peels to the bouquet once jarred? Another quick question. How much weight loss are you seeing from ground to bag... some say more than 60%....
  7. Looks like you're WELL known in Michigan We've all learned a tip or two from you and I can personally say I'm very excited to have you on this site. Welcome Brotha! Peace
  8. Hello again I am approaching harv/cure time and would like to make some improvements upon the last go I had at it. It worked out before but just wasn't at that peak overall to me. The fact that my strains this time around are 10 times frostier than before can't hurt either lol So, my question is how are we curing on here? Temps, humidities, how do you keep it that way, trimming techniques, monitoring dryness/moisture level... speed dry vs extended dry times... I am extremely proud of the way the garden is turning out, so I would like it to shine thru in the final stage... Th
  9. about 15 to 20 hrs a week on average. How? Well... This is being technical but here we go *hour a day min doing maintenance (mainly keeping pests away and CLEANING) *4 hours weekly on nute change, ordering things around a bit, taking clones *Than you have to figure in external growroom yet growroom activities, if we didn't do these we would be cheating ourselves: daily hydro shop visits, travel time to go trade or learn from another CG, RESEARCH online, mainly here or a few select sites. 7+4+7= 18 hrs.
  10. Pictures are needed to diagnose your issue. BUT seeing as that you say ALL stages in soil...Im thinking one of two things. 1. You burned the girls with a high ppm watering plus high ppm soil. In this case, continue flushing, they will make it. 2. You sprayed them with a harsh spray during lights on. One that left little droplets on your plants. These drops act like magnifying glasses and cause LIGHT burns directly under the water droplets. Take one of your plants and water with 0 ppm water, take a ppm/ph reading of your run off. I bet it is too high. If you're spraying
  11. I personally have no problems with the site, and I like the new skin up top on the pages now From what I hear tho ppl need easier ways to post pics.
  12. Hmmm, thats why I use Sylvanias...cheaper and I can afford to replace every 3 months to ensure maximum intensity...
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