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  1. Need some good marijuana lawyers not for a criminal case but to ask questions about a legal business any help would be appreciated i am near ionia michigan but any will do as long as they are familiar with michigan law thanks
  2. Only bad thing about the cocont oil is it wanted to seperate from the sugar mix when put in molds any info on getting it to mix more evenly and not seperate ?
  3. I have tried the same method with a half oz of kief on my back porch in winter time i soaked for 1 min .had some of the nicest amber looking bho ever i tried same methond indoors and had not as good results .temp definitely is a factor
  4. Yes looking for packaging for in the future. Thats what i was asking about sorry for all the confusion
  5. I would never do anything illegal. Just thinking of the future.the laws will change one day i wanna be ready for it thats all.thanks for all the imput
  6. I dont plan on doing or making anything until the laws change anyways just try to get my ducks in a row then when it is legal i will be all set .
  7. I am aware of the law i was just asking how can all these dispensarys still selling ediables.there are at least 15 on 8 mile .do they just not care or is it not a big deal in detroit.as for my ediables i was talking about making. Im talking about in the future when the laws change.not right now.sorry i did not clearly specify.not trying to be a dick or anything just curious as how can they be open and still sell ediables ? I asked a couple owners and they said they dont plan on closing or stop selly ediables.
  8. Yes i am aware it would b for personal use and my paitents only. Until laws change.if there not legal how are the dispensarys still selling mediables i am near detroit
  9. Thanks for your imput everyone yes i am aware of the laws.it would just be for me and my paitents.anyway
  10. Just want it to be safe and professional.and then when the laws do change in the future i will be ready
  11. I just want some kinda child proof bag i could probably just print my own labels.trying to base it off the colorado laws.keeping portions under 100mg.clearly marked.probably gonna use pot leaf molds so its not confusing to people . None of the dispensarys by me are going to stop buying and selling candy they say.im familiar with the new laws .i only plan on giving to my paitents anyways .just wanna make sure children cant get ahold of them.even though thats the parents responsibility
  12. Making hard candy and looking for a local if possible. Wayne oakland macomb county custom candy bag manufacturing company.i want my product to look professional. Or any good online sites .thanks
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