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  1. its all about the money, don't think for a min. that he is supportive...
  2. ya it does,,just got a pmf rom another patient asking for the same.. I explained I have dozens of fine strains and enough patients to grow as much as I need for them an him/her. but alas also convinced free was in order. dont they get good caregivers dont need them for measly 12 more plants yhey dont even have seed to give,,,, SMFH!
  3. BUT! for the right price you can soon purchase from your neighborhood store.. the same product they want to vilify. $$$ makes it all ok.
  4. With the amount of investment the prices will go out of site, and the quality will suffer. I see it failing as no sick patient on ssdi or a middle income person will support a disp. after the initial novelty wears off. I feel as long as they leave the caregivers alone it going to allow CG\s to do ok in the new venues. cost alone on recreational will also be slow.. steadily climb. at that point they will go after CG's thinking to force sales to a disp. just my 2cents
  5. Willy

    Experienced Caregiver

    Long time CG seeking patients in Muskegon to Grand Rapid area and south to Holland. Grown for pain management. Multiple strains available. Caring honest an on time . Fair costs. PM if this sounds like a CG your looking for.
  6. Willy

    caregiver in gr area

    ok im looking for a couple patients, have grown for many years, hydro indoor grown. strains of lotus, tahoe, grape ape, critical+. grand rapids, holland ,muskegon area,, pm me we can chat!! long time member here in good standing
  7. Willy

    Disabled Vet looking for caregiver in GR

    PM sent..
  8. Willy

    Mighty Wash Is Liars

    I laughed when that product came on to the scene... lol Now the proof is out there!!
  9. can not even trust the brother, sounds to me like he wrote a book and threw the brother under the bus... dude just couldnt keep his mouth shut..
  10. what about them expensive body cams, or the dash cam that gets conveniently turned away., or past the view of the stop,, so they can do what they want off camera... hmmmm
  11. Willy

    Clones And Mites From Cl

    you could consider some form of treatment for bugss...
  12. Willy

    Bulb Keeps Failing

    yes thats why I prefer the old magnetics, easily fixed and dependable!!!